CCTV winter Olympics commentary, copy is too beautiful

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Hi, everybody.Because of the perennial diving bi ghost livestock area, my eyes yuesheng string is usually such: or is such: until CCTV commentary, just put me back on the right track: especially this sentence, “the appearance of jade, such as loose posture, pian if jing Hong, wan if you dragon.”Literally speaking of the headlines brother’s heart, like a spirit on ice, beautiful to let a person shock.Especially in yesterday, CCTV on Yuanyu Yuanyu commentary, is amazing to kill crazy degree.So I sorted out a CCTV winter Olympics commentary, and everyone happy to share.He is like a diamond-encrusted sword. Even if it is hidden in a bookcase made of gold nanmu, it can not keep out his dazzling light. Wherever he goes, everyone will focus on him.2. To defend an undefended city, to fight an unwinnable battle, to put all their glory, all their glory, under the wheel of history, with an awe-inspired flag.He smiled and said in an interview that he was not hate ice, this kind of indifference is not another kind of king demeanor.God after all difficult to participate, if the summit into regret, and you add a few turn history, success or failure also when laugh!Note: “Defend a city you can’t hold, fight a battle you can’t win.”The passage is from an article on commemorating the Memorial Day of the Nanjing Massacre in 2017.Some people think it is inappropriate to apply this sentence to the Japanese, which is insensitive to history.But for the integrity of this article, put it in this article.3. He is willing to give his all for beauty, and he did it to the extreme.He let us see a great athlete, courage side!4. Hanyu Yuanyu always touches the softest part of your heart.5 the appearance of jade, posture such as pine, if jing Hong, wan if you dragon.6. Looks like the leading actor in The Japanese animation, he turned his personal life into a hot-blooded animation.Facing the challenges of the young players around me in Pyeongchang reminds me of a saying — fate whispers to the brave: You can’t weather the storm.The warrior whispers back: I am the storm.8. Yuzuru Hanyu, a player who doesn’t need to show off.He deserves a standing ovation for his achievement.9. He is the king. Nothing can stop Yuanyu from claiming the throne.10 everyone on the peak of the people, behind him is the abyss, there is no retreat.11. I am glad to know your peach blossom face, and from then on, how warm spring is.12. We are very lucky to have met Yuzuru Hanyu at his best age.13 time to cross, eyebrows into a book, from now on our deep feeling will not be disappointed.Each youth will be old, but there will always be a place for Hanyu in our memory.14. With a handsome face, sharp eyes and a slightly sharp smile at the corners of his mouth, he possesses an enviable talent, makes extraordinary efforts and achieves unimaginable achievements. He is Yuzuru Hanyu.15. As an Olympic champion, Yuzuru Hanyu stands proudly in the international arena again and again with a cherry blossom style of determination.16. He deserves everything, all the beauty, all the glory.17 look at his eyes, no matter what kind of setbacks he encountered, whether into how in the eyes of others is a desperate, he can re proud.That is to say, watch the commentary or CCTV, never stingy to the efforts of people praise.He’s very accurate in his handling of character and experience.On February 8, men’s single free skating dust fly drum urgent, a smell of the drum of war in February 10, men’s single free skating gold Boyang, rebirth from the fire.When he was young and famous, he once stood on the podium of the world championship twice, and reached the height that The Chinese men’s single has never reached.But even in the endless darkness, to believe that I was born a mountain, not a stream, and I want to look down on low ravines from their peaks.I was born to be great, not worthless, and the belief that I stand on the shoulders of great men and despise mediocre cowards is enough to carry a contestant through their darkest moments.Beijing Winter Olympics, Jin Boyang beat Jin Boyang.Note: when I saw the headline in bold, I found that it was not zhang Guimei’s oath for Huoping Girls’ Middle School. I was so moved that I took notes.Then went to the Internet to search, about this sentence some netizens think that there are some improper use here, but for the integrity of the content of this article, put in this article.Gu Ailing article about explanation, certainly not Gu Ailing, private think “Yu Ru cheng, snow hunting dragon” in the description used extremely well, simply too suitable for her.1. Looking for dragons through snowGu Ailing is the jade dragon of shougang platform today!2. Only when a person has the excellent carved in the bone, will people see her wonderful, she has drawn a charm of her own in her own game.I believe she will be able to compete bravely in the later stages.And I believe in her. It’s always been a source of pride.After all, excellent people are always changing themselves, and she will become more wonderful in the future. We are looking forward to Gu’s breakthrough in the competition.In addition to the athletes’ personal commentary, CCTV in the commentary of the opening ceremony of the Winter Olympics, the great momentum of its copywriting, but also can be used as an example, in the degree of writing.1. The east wind returns with spring, sending me flowers on branches.Today is the fourth day of the Lunar New Year, the beginning of spring. Friends from all over the world are here as promised. Before the ceremony, the performance shows the beautiful China with singing and dancing in a unique Chinese way.2. A Beijing, two Olympic dreams, three areas looking forward to the eyes of snow, friends in all directions five rings together athletes, six wishes for success, seven fierce battles with the sound of eight party news, nine doors with the hope, ten party peace bell.3. Snowflakes all over the sky.Every snowflake is telling a story about ice and snow.The ice is like a mirror reflecting thousands of people.The eyes of the world, to this crystal clear stage.4. The fireworks went up and turned into meteors, spreading good expectations and hopes.In the national anthem, the national flag rises slowly and flutters in the wind.5. A drop of ice blue ink drops from the sky.It turns into the water of the Yellow River, and the water of the Yellow River pours down, and in a moment, the whole site is pentium rolling in the water of the Yellow River.The river slowly frozen, pentium scene gradually quiet, into a world of ice.6. No two snowflakes are alike.Each snowflake reflects a unique brilliance.Each in its own beauty, beauty together.In the center of the site, a huge snowflake platform rises, overlapping with the snowflake shadow.7. Who reports the spring in the sky? The weather is new.Nearly seven years passed quickly, China’s Olympic road of ice and snow, walking firmly.Looking back, the original heart has not vanished.Hope for the future, broad road.The “China Gate”, which welcomes friends from all over the world and looks at the five rings of ice and snow, the “China window”, which shows the beauty of China across the vast mountains and rivers, and the “Chinese knot”, which wishes good luck and conveys friendship and peace.The dense leaves were cut and new flowers were retired.Tender green swaying on the white ice, the vitality of spring soaring into the sky in the weaving of green, fireworks “Start of Spring” in the national Stadium “Bird’s Nest” night sky, lit up everyone’s face.10. “The snow in Yanshan is as big as a mat”.The romance and imagination of the ancients reflect the ancient and modern times through time and space.At this moment, east and West, China and the world, we, you and them, stare at and witness the birth of a new history: Beijing has become the world’s first “Olympic city”.With the music of “Jasmine flower”, thousands of family lights light up the night sky of the city, as those lights illuminate one after another happy and harmonious families, looking forward to the arrival of family and friends in the night of the New Year.In the lights of China warm and harmonious, time overflow color;China’s changge in the new era is bold and vigorous.12. At the bird’s nest site, it was also lively and jubilant, and the passionate samba step ignited the enthusiasm of the audience. In the cold winter night, the enthusiasm of life was released in the world of ice and snow.A “China window” is spread out, “outside” the bright moon in the sky, beautiful scenery, beautiful rivers and mountains, a panoramic view.”The world is one, the world is one.”At this moment, people all over the world break barriers, abandon prejudice, in the glory of the five rings “together to the future”.Walking along the ancient streets, you can see the elements of the Winter Olympics everywhere. The sculptures of “Bing Dwen Dwen” and “Xue Rong Rong” sometimes show cute cute images, and sometimes pick up hockey sticks to show heroic posture.Like the end of the universe is tieling and the end of the text is no end from the east Austria when a beautiful world.A sword cold jiuzhou.Except your body triple snow, the world who match white clothes.Don’t donate jade to you into the tang dynasty, time does not live up to people on the road..To this year’s winter Olympics commentary we can never judge the CCTV copy on the ceiling where exactly a although slight overturned this year but on the whole, whether it is described in the competition of passionate embodies the competitive spirit to the spirit’s moment or describe those let’s meaning is frustrated moment all without Chinese romantic beauty of the language which one do you like best copy here?Welcome to share in the comments section