China Tourism Group has made full use of the advantages of central enterprises in Hong Kong to support Hong Kong’s fight against the epidemic

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Wave 5 continuous severe situation in Hong Kong, China’s largest tourism group explorations of social responsibility, the best itself and anti-epidemic work at the same time, give full play to their strengths, to coordinate, to mobilize the deployment of various units in Hong Kong, role in the disease resistance, increased support for the government support, ease of Hong Kong citizens, help Hong Kong overcome the outbreak at an early date.Since Hong Kong’s fifth wave outbreak, China travel group set up to support Hong Kong quickly and anti epidemic work leading group office, give full play to the main business of tourism advantages and hong kong-based state “mainstay” pillar “, “the first time organizing power supplies procurement epidemic prevention, and to shau kei wan and hung hom nine community donated nearly 390000 of the 3600 masks and rapid test kit.It also launched the second donation of HK $6 million in anti-epidemic supplies to help Hong Kong with concrete actions, demonstrating the social responsibility of central enterprises.China Tourism Group staff in 9 communities went to the community to provide services, coordinated with the government to strengthen building cleaning and disinfection, distributed epidemic prevention materials, and delivered urgently needed daily necessities to confirmed residents.So far, CTS staff have mobilized and integrated resources from all walks of life to distribute 280,000 masks, 29,000 alcohol-based hand sanitizers and 29,000 quick test kits to the community.Faced with the serious shortage of medical isolation places and reception facilities in Hong Kong, hotels in Hong Kong under China Tourism Group quickly applied to the SAR government for community isolation hotels.Metropark Hotel Kowloon, Metropark Hotel Mong Kok and Metropark Hotel Wanchai, all of which are under the Group, are actively vacating their rooms and preparing to receive the mainland’s support to Hong Kong’s anti-epidemic teams and serve the needs of the SAR government in accordance with CTS’s anti-epidemic work.At present, China State Construction International Group’s team to build a simple makeshift hospital, Guangdong’s team to enhance Hong Kong’s testing capacity, falcon Hard Air Membrane Laboratory team and other support teams have checked in at the CTS Hotel in Hong Kong.At the critical moment of the fight against the epidemic, China Tourism Group, as a state-owned enterprise in Hong Kong, provided a solid transportation guarantee for Hong Kong.Since February 21, under the overall coordination of the CTS in Hong Kong, Hong Kong RGL sent car every day, take the second batch of inland port transfer resistance to disease health and epidemic prevention teams from Hong Kong’s workplace, but also bear the simple application of Chinese construction group hospital shuttle mission to build support team, ensures to provide security for the brave “NiXingZhe” smooth passenger service.During the fight against the epidemic, China Tourism Group has focused on addressing the needs of citizens and solving practical problems by strengthening communication with local communities.To deal with the severe impact of the epidemic in Hong Kong, China Travel Service Finance, a subsidiary of China Tourism Group, has specially set up a small interest-free loan business of HK $100 million, offering a special repayment plan with only interest paid and no principal repaid within six months.At the same time, online and telephone fast micro-loans have been launched to provide “zero-contact” emergency liquidity services, effectively relieving the financial pressure of some Hong Kong citizens on loan repayment.Article source: China Tourism Group Corporation [Hong Kong China Travel Service (Holdings) Limited]