Five departments in Sichuan have issued a proposal for the 2022 Tomb-sweeping Day

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Recently, the Sichuan Provincial Office of Spiritual Civilization Construction, the Department of Civil Affairs, the Department of Ecology and Environment, the provincial Health Commission, the Provincial Forestry and Grass Bureau and other five departments jointly issued the 2022 Tomb-sweeping Day civilized mourning initiative, advocating the masses of healthy mourning, safe mourning, green mourning, transmission of civilization new wind.2022 Tomb-sweeping Day civilization sweep proposal General urban and rural residents friends: is another spring early green, pear wind is qingming festival.The Tomb-sweeping Day of 2022 is approaching. In order to strengthen the defense line for epidemic prevention and control, forest and grassland fire prevention and safety, protect the ecological environment and foster a new trend of civilization, I would like to propose to urban and rural residents: 1.At present, the epidemic situation in China is numerous, widespread and frequent, and the situation is still grim and complex.Advocate through the network sacrifice, family memorial, on behalf of the mourning and other ways to remember the deceased.People on site should strictly abide by the requirements of epidemic prevention and control, make appointments, alternate peaks, and visit at different times, avoid gathering, staying in small groups, maintain social distancing, and reduce gatherings.2. Strictly abide by the fire prevention regulations and ensure safe worship.Strictly abide by the relevant regulations on forest and grassland fire prevention, enhance safety awareness, do not carry fire sources and inflammable and explosive items up the mountain or into the place of worship.Not in the forest, grassland, traffic intersection, square, green belt and other venues set off firecrackers, burning dead money, reduce fire and other safety hazards.With the practical action of civilization low carbon sacrifice, jointly protect the green mountains and clear waters.Third, set up civilized low-carbon concept, achieve green worship.Advocacy for flowers, wipe the tombstone, writing thoughts, network CARDS and other modern, civilized and green way of martyrs memorial forefathers, consciously abandon the burning, scatters MingBi old behaviors, do not use the difficult degradation of sacrifice supplies, the shrine of their traditions and good will in a more environmental protection, healthy, and safe way to express, to carry forward socialist new wind upright.Fourth, party members and cadres take the lead together to pass on the new wind of civilization.The majority of Party members and cadres should set an example, take the lead, consciously abide by the epidemic prevention and control, forest grassland fire prevention and other relevant regulations, actively promote civilized worship knowledge to relatives and friends and the masses around, advocate green and civilized worship, promote new and positive spirit, and influence and drive the masses around with practical actions.Urban and rural residents friends, let us join hands, actively respond to the call, set up a new concept of civilization worship, cultivate a new custom of civilization worship, so that the Qingming festival is more fresh and civilized!Spring temperature rise vegetation growth but dry things dry lead to forest fires residents friends in the enjoyment of beautiful spring at the same time must not be on the prevention of forest fire lightly