In 2022, Henan will build the Grand Canal and other four national cultural parks

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Henan will develop national cultural parks as a demonstration province. The Yellow River, the Grand Canal, the Great Wall and the Long March national cultural parks will be built to form public cultural carriers with specific open Spaces and focus on building important symbols of Chinese culture.Henan will implement five major strategies in 2022, four of which are national parks, tian Kai, director of the Bureau of Cultural Heritage of Henan Province, said at the 2022 meeting of directors of the Bureau of Cultural Heritage of Henan Province on Feb 11.The first strategy is the construction of the Yellow River National Cultural Park, which focuses on promoting the protection, utilization and display of cultural relics along the Yellow River, and the construction of the corridor along the Yellow River civilization.According to the “14th Five-year Plan of Cultural tourism Integrated Development of Henan Province” (hereinafter referred to as “Plan”), the construction and protection highland of “one core leading (Zheng Bianluo) and three poles supporting (Henan, Shanxi, Shaanxi, Henan, Hebei, Shandong, Henan, Anhui and Jiangsu)” should be built.Construct sanmenxia — Luoyang — Zhengzhou — Kaifeng — Anyang world-class heritage park corridor.The main stream of the Yellow River, the Yiluo River, the Jialu River, the ancient Jishui-Qinhe, Huanhe, the Zhang River, the north track of the Yellow River, the South track of the Yellow River, the Taihang Mountains in northern Henan and the qinling Mountains in western Henan will be developed.Focus on building 50 core exhibition parks, 20 centralized exhibition belts and 130 featured exhibition points.Key construction of the Yellow River, the national museum, yinxu site museum, self-consciousness of luoyang city ruins museum, the Yellow River culture exhibition hall, the river national archaeological site park, yangshao village national archaeological site park, pavilion, northern song dynasty Tokyo Huang Hefei material cultural heritage city shun tianmen (xinzheng door) relics exhibition hall, hebei shangdong and henan province liberation war museum, etc.Focus on promotion of luoyang museum of ancient art and the northern wei dynasty merit-testing JingLing industrial park, west street historical and cultural blocks, bronze culture, xinan thousand Tang Zhizhai new, big park, three Yang Zhuang the mausoleum of hadrian, the Yellow River culture, jia should view along the Yellow River culture tourist area, sanmenxia lakeside area Huang Wenhua park, double pagoda tree site ecological culture park, Song Ling site ecological cultural park, stargazingHua Park, Zhongyue Ecological Culture Park, Henan City Archaeological Exhibition Hall, Kaifeng Yellow River Culture Digital Museum, etc.Build Yellow River Culture Research Institute.Hold the World River Civilization Forum.The second strategy is the Grand Canal National Cultural Park.According to the plan, Henan will build an axis of development along the ancient capital of Tongji Canal and an axis of development along the ancient city of Yongji Canal. Luoyang, Zhengzhou, Kaifeng, Shangqiu and Jiaoxin, Anhe and Puyang sections of Tongji Canal will be built.Focus on building 25 core exhibition parks, 20 centralized exhibition belts and 150 featured exhibition points., state key construction of sui and tang dynasties grand canal culture museum – the ancient heritage area near the canal bridge, Xing ze city tour fusion zone, xun county ancient city protection and restoration of the Ming dynasty city wall ruins, crossing town, Yellow River grand canal non-material cultural heritage exhibition center, warehouse kiln site protection exhibition center, yong dhi canal ancient ruins park, the ancient city of anyang, gongyi, and used the ecological cultural park, etc.Promote tourism and navigation in luoyang city section of Luohe River.The third strategy is the Great Wall National Cultural Park.In 2022, it will focus on building the core zone of the Chu Great Wall, namely Ye County and Fangcheng area.Construction of chu Great Wall, Wei Great Wall (Xinmi), Zhao Great Wall (Linzhou, Huixian) three cultural and tourism integration zones.The fourth strategy is the Long March National Cultural Park.Tian said that in 2022, Henan will accelerate the protection and construction of the hubei-Henan-Anhui Soviet Base area, the former site of the Flower shanzhai Association in Guangshan County, the Long March Cultural Park of luoshan Red 25th Army, the memorial site of dushu Town in Fangcheng County, and the Lu Area of The Hubei-Henan-Shaanxi Revolutionary base area in Lushi County.The fifth strategy is the integration of culture, tourism, culture and innovation.Reporters learned that Henan will be called “Walk henan, understand China” theme image.Based on Henan’s position as the main root of Chinese civilization, the main vein of national history, and the soul of the Chinese nation, it launched 14 themed cultural routes, including the origin of human beings, the origin of civilization, the origin of the country, the pursuit of the Central Plains, and Chinese Kung Fu.(Liu Ruichao) (Grand Canal news hotline: 18611735190) authority issued 75 sources: Dahe Daily intern editor Yan Chen yi read Guiyan Zhang Li production Cao Yu directed editor Xiao Dong review Manuscript Hui Jun