The new pure electric C40 vehicle deposit of 2022 will be deducted from the vehicle payment of 5000

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The pre-sale period of Volvo NEW C40 is From February 14, 2022 to April 20, 2022 deposit expansion: During the pre-sale period, customers will book a pre-sale deposit of rmb2,022 under Volvo’s official online channel, which can be expanded to RMB5,000 later to deduct the car price.Store Value Repurchase: up to 20% off Purchase Clearance Package: Up to RMB 17,000 for the first FA package:3 years of free basic maintenance, 3 years of free road rescue, 4 years of free media traffic and lifelong free basic traffic, car purchase referees and referees can get 3000 yuan equivalent rights and interests, replacement to the highest ENJOY 15,000 YUAN V value, additional purchase enjoy 10,000 YUAN V value financial plan) cool enough,Is enough attention body line is concise and fluent, draw the outline of the body of a dynamic fashion appearance texture backlight atmosphere, add fun to drive at night, all show the Scandinavian aesthetic flavor “quake” LED headlamps, power light up each section of the road ahead, to protect you and your love car to all and instant Internet Volvo brand new C40 RECHARGE,Unafraid of change, with long-term sustainable development of the environment as the vision, to lead a more environmentally friendly, healthier way of personal travel.Whether in a busy city or on the highway, under the single-pedal drive mode, the driver only needs to control the accelerator pedal, it can easily complete the acceleration and deceleration, so that the control becomes easier between the inches, and enjoy the driving passion.Volvo’s new C40 RECHARGE is powered by Google’s native Android operating system, making it possible for the car to become a mobile phone.It can also load all kinds of commonly used apps, advancing with The Times, to meet your full range of Internet digital experience.Internally, the brand new C40 RECHARGE of Volvo is the first Volvo car to use environmentally friendly interior. The steering wheel, gears and other interior accessories are not made of animal leather.Redefining luxury with respect to nature, bringing Scandinavian design to the forefront of automotive design.The event runs from April 1, 2022 to April 3, 2022