Wuhan’s first Wuling new energy Experience Center opened

2022-06-11 0 By

Wuling Automobile brings you the first spring breeze in the Year of the Tiger!Wuling New Energy South China Experience Center Wuhan Lingxiu store grand opening in Wuhan Optical Valley World City on February 15, 2022!On that day, the gongs sound loud, wonderful lion dance performance makes optics Valley World City especially lively.The scene not only prepared the Traditional Chinese lantern riddles, online celebrity live broadcast, flash dance, exquisite tea break, but also for the winter Olympic trend for the car owners and friends to be present for the interaction of curling, customized cola, surprise blind box, opening surprise gift, it was overwhelming.Activities on the day of the wuling sales company in hubei province regional manager Mr Cai Wei Chen Jizhi, gmac-saic automotive finance W5 area regional manager Mr, Mr Hai-tao he world city group vice President, macro light MINIEV ms ling xiu shop owner on behalf of the father a line to the event, group general manager Mr Guo-wen hu with executives were invited to attend,Mr. Tu Zhan, the manager of Lingxiu Store, together with all the guests, old and new customers, mainstream media and online celebrities live witnessed this important moment.As the only Wuling New Energy South China Experience Center Lingxiu store in Hubei Province, its opening is an important measure of Wuling Automobile in the south China new energy market, marking the further acceleration of Wuling new energy vehicles in south China regional market strategy.Wuling Lingxiu store is located on the negative first floor of Building B1 of Optical Valley World City, which is in the core business district of Optical Valley.By December 2021, THE sales volume of SAIC-GM-Wuling GSEV exceeded 750,000;Hongguang MINIEV has been the top seller of New energy in China for 16 consecutive months and the top seller of new energy in 2021.As an important layout of SAIC-GM-Wuling’s sales channels and marketing innovation mode, the strategic location of Wuhan Lingxiu store can be imagined.Located at the subway entrance of Optics Valley World City, The Lingxiu store mainly sells new energy models under Wuling brand, and this audience is completely the same for optics Valley World City with millions of young groups.The store takes the simple and atmospheric new energy image (cursor) as the store head image. The design style of the store is fashionable and simple, and also has a sense of science and technology, which completely breaks the inherent impression of consumers on the traditional 4S shop and brings users a brand-new service experience.MINIEV Macaron is aimed at the young generation who pursue fashion trends, and is committed to becoming the “heart” choice of the new generation of young people.At present, MINIEV macaron has five colors: raw coconut white, Merlot blue, white peach powder, lemon yellow and avocado green.The MINIEV macaron has two options of 120km/170km in comprehensive working conditions. The body size is small and flexible, which is easy to start and stop.At the same time, Hongguang MINIEV Macaron consumes 8.8 degrees of electricity for 100 kilometers, costing only 5 cents per kilometer. Compared with fuel cars, it can save about 10,000 yuan per year.The company also introduced an eight-year or 120,000-kilometer warranty policy.With the arrival of the development tide of new energy vehicles and the unique car needs of the young generation, KiWi EV emerged at the historic moment.With six new personalized car colors, they are “Cream”, “Obsidian”, “emerald”, “Rouge”, “Mint” and “Clear Sky”.The KiWi EV’s overall body is split with two-tone stitching, with bold color contrast at the top and bottom, and distinct layers, creating the visual effect of a floating cockpit.The whole system is equipped with the standard ESC body stability system, ABS+EBD anti-lock & braking force distribution system and other practical configuration.In addition, KiWi EV uses more than 1,500 mpa of high-strength hot-formed steel in eight places on the main power transmission path and anti-collision parts of the power battery, further establishing a solid safety line.Wuling NanoEV is positioned as “Couple Car”, which is young people’s favorite “casual partner, at any time” mode of travel, with two to meet young people’s “I +X” based interest “team” demand.Wuling NanoEV provides e-sports white, hip-hop blue, hip-hop yellow, digital gray four body colors.Wuling NanoEV series models of power battery adopts lithium ion battery, after a cumulative 412 rigorous safety testing, motor system has experienced a complete test bench and durable and reliable, and provide eight years or 120000 kilometers of quality assurance, with high safety, high reliability, high durability characteristics of the “three highs”, the function of the high reliability.With the official opening of the first experience store in Hubei, Wuling new energy vehicles and users to play together;We will continue to expand the innovative culture of new energy.At the same time, by virtue of the perfect service system, it will bring consumers a new experience with better quality and more exclusive sense, and is committed to becoming the leader of New energy in China and the popularizer of new energy in the world.