Xinhuanet: China has 200 million flexible employment, what signal will be sent?

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Xinhuanet: China has 200 million flexible employment, what signal will be sent?In addition to civil servants, public institutions, central enterprises, state-owned enterprises, listed companies are flexible employment.The basic characteristics are not fixed, not sustainable, no guarantee, no space.Flexible obtain employment, say simply namely temporary look for a job!Working term, income are unstable, lack of security!Flexible employment is, to put it bluntly, the tertiary industry. On the surface, it makes money, but in fact, whether it is live broadcasting or express delivery, it is the consumption generated after the secondary industry makes money.If the factory closes, the people who watch the live stream and buy the delivery will have no source of income, flexible employment will not have as many orders, and income will inevitably decrease or disappear.So you can see the boat as iron lock, a point can be less red cliff out.At present, flexible employment groups are mainly concentrated in people over the age of 40, and young people can find jobs.So the middle-aged people are still not competent, and the young people are highly educated and competent, so the young people don’t have to be flexible to find good jobs.Ability determines destiny.In fact, many of them are elderly temporary workers over 45 who were abandoned by factories with no sense of social responsibility.Moreover, flexible employment is the previous “poke poke”.Without stable jobs, there is no stable income, so people generally feel uneasy.Must every family oil and salt, firewood, children’s education, health and death, human contact…Can’t do without anything.So many temporary workers is not a good thing in any way.What reflects behind is the enterprise’s difficult existence and the worker’s living day by day.The development and stability of the society depends on the productivity of large and medium-sized enterprises and the employment of small and micro enterprises.It is not the “we media” of express delivery and live broadcast.People with flexible employment still have to pay part of their income for social security and medical insurance. How much does this part account for their total income? It is rising every year.At present, the condition that can achieve flexible obtain employment must be social stability economic development is steady.The more stable the society and the more stable the economic development, the more opportunities for employment choice, the more abundant the resources for flexible employment.