A “new approach” to solve the management of electric vehicles

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A staff member debugs the intelligent charging device of the electric vehicle security control information platform in Beijing, Capital of China, Feb. 12, 2019.Our reporter Li Xueshi (reporter Huang Shifeng Li Xueshi) Electric car implanted sensor chip, alarm sensor installed at the entrance of the corridor, the owner of the illegal parking electric car in the corridor, will be through voice, SMS, wechat public number and computer platform end of a variety of control methods for early warning;Establish electric vehicle dynamic database, make full use of scientific and technological means to manage, reduce labor cost, improve management efficiency;Set up intelligent charging piles for electric vehicles to maximize the convenience of nearby charging……On the afternoon of February 12, the information platform for safety control of electric vehicles was put into use in Danzhou Village community of Tianya District.In recent years, with the increasing number of electric vehicles in Sanya, some citizens have dangerous behaviors such as “flying line” charging, indoor charging and random parking, with huge potential fire hazards.”In general, an electric car can travel 60 to 80 kilometers on a full charge, and it needs to be charged once every two or three days, or maybe once a day.”People in charge of the tianya District Housing and Construction Bureau said that in danzhou Village, where many people rent apartments, illegal parking and charging of electric vehicles have been common in the past.In order to solve the management problems of electric vehicles, Tianya District innovates the refined management mode of electric vehicles, adopts scientific and technological means, takes the lead in the pilot electric vehicle safety control information platform in the city, promotes the pilot construction of electric vehicle management and control, solves the problem of parking and charging of electric vehicles for the masses, and eliminates security risks.At the beginning of this year, Tianya district completed the pilot construction and trial operation of the electric vehicle safety control information platform in Danzhou Village community.According to introducing, the electric car safety control information platform for electric induction chip installation, set up electronic sensors and video monitoring in residents corridor, found irregularities in building electric cars, via voice, SMS, WeChat public number and computer name and a variety of control manner of early warning, and timely early warning information back to the community grid,The first time to identify the problem to persuade.At the same time, the platform also established a database of electric vehicles, automatic identification of incoming and outgoing electric vehicles, to achieve fine management of community electric vehicles.In addition, tianya District Housing bureau has set aside non-motorized parking Spaces, installed charging piles and sheds, and equipped with fire sprinkler facilities in the pilot area.It is worth mentioning that when the electric car is fully charged, the charging pile will automatically cut off power.The charging process takes less than 1 minute, only needs to scan the code on wechat, and charges according to the power size. It can charge 60 electric vehicles at the same time.”It used to take you a long way to recharge.I pulled a wire from my house and charged it downstairs for convenience.Community workers have been telling us that it is dangerous, but it is tiring to commute to work every day.Now, there are charging piles at the door, which not only standardize parking, but also standardize charging, but also ensure everyone’s safety.”Danzhou village community resident Zhang Xiansheng said.”The pilot work will gradually cover all communities in Tianya District to expand and improve the service scope and functions of the electric vehicle safety control information platform.”Tianya district officials said, the next step will be closely tied to the system of “ZhiXingNian” action, through the new urban planning branch, through “dead end highway” activities, the old city district pilot reform, urban renewal projects such as construction, gradually solve the electric vehicles, motor vehicle parking, charging problem, broadening the fire channel and improve the fire control facilities and establishing a relief channel,We will provide better travel conditions for the people.