A wife smiles at her husband’s funeral and says: If it hurts your face, you can complain

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Domestic violence is a sensitive word that strikes fear into every woman’s heart.In Hear Her Say, Hao Lei’s superb acting skills have created the protagonist, which has aroused a lot of discussion.She was the only one laughing at her husband’s funeral while everyone else was grieving.No one understands what her smile is, in enlightening the sisters “who are also victims”, her smile has a different explanation, diversified to present a woman, unspeakable weakness.01 “If these injuries in the face, you can complain” Feng Aimei is a woman living in the bottom, her wind light cloud light tone, restore their youth and marriage in the helpless.She spoke of her husband coldly, as if she were talking about someone who didn’t matter.Look in the dim, that a trace of indifference straight touch the heart.18 years old her youth is just, met unexpectedly “all corners of the country character” old five, the beauty loves the hero, the affection between two people is divided, come from the common to the bridge segment that can no longer be common.She felt that the fifth brother is a heavy feelings heavy righteousness of the people, become his woman, will be spoiled into a little princess.Have to say, in many movies and TV plays, such “big brother” are at their feet.When hitting people start the most ruthless, boxing to the meat is very tough guy.But Feng Aimei did not think of these fists one day, will be “ruthless” in their own body, so she became the wife of the old five, self-righteous found a “safe harbor”.After entering the marriage, Feng Aimei fell into the swamp, and the POTS and pans at home witnessed the man’s “hypocrisy”.Compared with the past sweet words, she was like a “slave” after marriage.I thought having a son would ease the tension between husband and wife.Unexpectedly, the fifth in Feng Aimei immersed in the happiness as a mother.A loud slap in the face, hit in her face, Feng Aimei do not understand, what did he do wrong?This time, feng aimei opened the door of “domestic violence”, looking at the slight bulge of abdomen, I do not know how to do.In addition to endure, she can only choose silence.Compared with those black and blue, Feng Aimei’s pain is difficult to talk about, which is the most cruel side of Lao Wu.Feng aimei said, “If these wounds are on my face, I can complain,” but these wounds, as a woman, she cannot mention to others.The fifth may be aware of the outside world’s eyes, after slapping, the outsiders point, did not make the man awake to conscience.Instead gave birth to another kind of “domestic violence means”, he will use boiling water poured on Feng Aimei’s body.In this way, even if the outsiders ask about it, they can also blame her for carelessness.Even to her private pain under the ruthless hand, this is the most Unbearable Feng Aimei, also can not tell the place.Such pain is a humiliation, but also let her dignity, the most serious time, Feng Aimei was beaten to the hospital.She how also can’t understand, her husband so heavy affection heavy righteousness, how can such temperament.Even in front of Feng Aimei, she took her lover home, silently watching all this, cooking for each other, just like a “nanny”.Such a life, has become her habit, Feng Aimei already numb.At the funeral, Feng aimei laughed heartily, which fell in the eyes of her son, thinking that her mother was “heartless”.Little do they know, she is happy, finally no domestic violence, finally no harm.She tells this story with a deadpan, cold face, hoping to dissuade her sisters from following the same path.The sisters, who seemed to be looking forward to something, mentioned children, which is also a problem in many mothers’ minds.I did not expect feng Aimei’s next paragraph, she lived a lifetime, even dare not smile.At the funeral, her whole self awakening, the whole person burst out laughing, many people confused.How depressed she has been these years, no one understands, the surface of the bright and beautiful, the family happiness, the creation of the people, just to “live a look”.Perhaps at that time smile, can find once a trace of dignity.Feng Aimei can not believe that this hands once held her into the bridal chamber, once to protect her, more like the hands of others.Is it sin for her to smile when she has escaped from the sea of suffering?Throughout the abuse, her son was exposed to it.The role of mother is just a kind of respect, Feng Aimei’s son, after entering the marriage, went on the old road of Lao Wu.Domestic violence, is a normal society, forgive really no harm after?Like “betrayal”, it is the “red line” between two people, a kind of trust and toefl.Love is a knife, choose to hurt, or to protect, the initiative is in everyone’s hands.Some people under the guise of drinking, kneeling on the ground to pray for forgiveness, and some people righteously believe that the fault is not in their hands, fist in the meat.But pain brings not only a broken family, but also irreparable trauma to the heart.A senior executive in Shaanxi province repeatedly beat his wife in front of their children, sparking intense public concern.Despite all the calls from the outside world to cherish life without violence, this is still happening.It’s not even the only case where universality has become the norm.Once a girl, in order to escape the beating of her husband, directly chose to jump off a building.The whole person fell behind sequelae, in the face of external doubts, she said, “I am not begging for death, is to survive”.It’s really incomprehensible, what kind of fear, what kind of desire to live at the risk of death.There are only zero and countless instances of domestic violence, and raising a hand should not be forgiven, no matter how deep the affection.Compared to these pain, more terrible is already numb women.Actually holding a glimmer of hope, waiting for the man to repent, with a piece of true feelings to “make up”, to save the dilapidated family.It is a very stupid act, and it is worth pondering whether it is worth forgiving.If any kind of experience can be forgiven, then it is “deserved”.As a woman, we should pay attention to our own safety and should not choose silence.It takes two to tango, and every relationship needs hard work. Treating each other with respect is not nonsense, and it is worth everyone’s reflection.Many domestic abuse cases after forgiveness, how many people truly regret, how many people “repeat the past”.People who have lived through life are the real spokespeople.In the face of such hurt, silence will calm the hurt, will let the other party respect?What do you think about that?For more exciting content, come to the Good word Entertainment