Cuihu Park was set up as a demonstration site for rural revitalization of agricultural products

2022-06-12 0 By

Kunming information Port news (Kunming Daily reporter Ren Yixiang) a few days ago, cuihu Park rural revitalization of agricultural products exhibition and sales demonstration point official operation.A total of 18 rural revitalization enterprises participated in the exhibition, attracting many citizens to buy a variety of agricultural products.”There are big yams here” “Strawberries here can smell through the packaging”…At the scene of the event, high-quality agricultural products appeared, attracting a lot of citizens to watch.Citizens rushed to buy high-quality agricultural products from the country of origin, and there were long queues in front of many booths.Chestwood park demonstration pilot project of rural revitalization of the agricultural products sales is established with the approval of kunming municipal bureau of rural revitalization, from chestwood park association of party branch, kunming rural rich leader support and dongchuan rural revitalization of bureau, bureau of xundian county rural revitalization, luquan county rural revitalization, work together to open a rural revitalization of agriculture demonstration site.The demonstration site is led by Yunnan Lizhi Agriculture Co., LTD., and a total of 18 rural revitalization enterprises participate in the demonstration site, providing a stable market channel for the development of rural revitalization industry at grassroots level and strengthening the operation capacity of rural agricultural products.The exhibition will continue for a long time, and the demonstration site will be open every day.Due to the special situation of Cuihu Park, the demonstration site only sells packaged products and dried fruit, if the public need to buy fresh agricultural and sideline products, can be purchased online through the Shanghai mall.