Offline on the spot, online half a day!Beijing plans to push forward 240 more notification pledges

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The “Notice on launching the fifth batch of The Municipal Notification of promised Items for examination and approval (Draft)” drafted by the Reform Office of administrative Examination and Approval System of The Beijing Municipal People’s Government is soliciting opinions at the Window of the Capital.On the basis of 345 notification commitments, the municipality has studied and formulated the fifth batch of 240 government services subject to application.In the future, application services for household registration with points may be handled offline and on the spot, and the online application time will not exceed half a working day.Informed commitment, is refers to the relevant government department released a one-time inform the applicant applied subject of materials needed to deal with conditions, standards, technical requirements, and the applicant in written form (including electronic text) promises to conform to the conditions, and the consequences of bear breach of promise, agreed to decision made by the relevant government departments directly.Since April 2020, the Municipal Government’s examination and reform Office has actively promoted the implementation of the examination and approval reform of notification commitment. In conjunction with relevant municipal departments, 345 items of notification commitment have been launched in four batches to promote the work of “offline on-the-spot, online half-day”.This time, the fifth batch of matters mainly includes the municipal Development and reform Commission, municipal education Commission, municipal public Security bureau and other 19 commissions and offices of 240 matters in accordance with the application of government services.The reporter noted that among the 240 items, the municipal human resources and social Security Bureau involved in the most matters, a total of 65 items, most of which are the citizens of the high frequency matters.In the future, the notification and commitment system may apply to foreigners’ work permits in China, non-Beijing students’ employment approval in Beijing, points settlement application services, as well as social security card application, replacement, cancellation, etc.That is to say, after the applicant signs the letter of commitment and the materials agreed in the letter of commitment, the government department will do it on the spot and directly make the decision of consent;For online applications, the time limit for notification and commitment shall not exceed 0.5 working days.After the implementation of informed commitment, how does the government department conduct supervision?According to the circular, relevant municipal departments should formulate credit verification methods based on the characteristics of the issues, use blockchain technology to collect and compare relevant data, and explore online verification of commitment content.At the same time, speed up the connection with the municipal public credit information service platform, further clarify the data collection rules, unify the data centers, and promote the realization of real-time aggregation of records of behaviors of informing promises and breaking promises and public information.Source: Beijing daily client | journalists Ren Shan process editor: U022