Qianyang County to sound the county’s outstanding talents “war epidemic gathering”

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For days, in the face of baoji consecutive cases of the outbreak of a new crown, the regionalization of the county party committee organization department to the county the fighting in the front line of war outbreak intellectual talents, assembly, called on their outbreak is a command, control and prevention is a responsibility, always put the life safety and body health of the people first, led from the front, go to carry burdens, scientific prevention and control,To practice and interpret the patriotic spirit of intellectuals and talents in the new era with practical actions.Strengthen political leadership and pool synergy in epidemic prevention and control.Give full play to the leading role of Party organizations at all levels, thoroughly implement the Five Measures for Helping Epidemic Prevention and Control through Organizational Work, and care for all kinds of outstanding talents fighting in the front line of epidemic prevention and control from the ideological, political, work and life aspects.A total of 145 cadres with good political qualifications, rich experience at the grass-roots level and strong emergency response capability were selected to train at the front line of epidemic prevention and control, 42 young medical and health professionals from various towns and departments were selected to participate in the transfer, and more than 330 volunteers were reserved as backup echelons to meet the demand for personnel for epidemic prevention and control.Establishes a comprehensive evaluation mechanism, creating for creating realistic situation, the transfer of the construction of the group “but eight groups” epidemic prevention and control institutions, when conducting a comprehensive evaluation, concentrated to the county party committee organization department feedback, will give priority to promote use of outstanding cadres, promotion rank, for inaction, slow as cadres will be disqualified from PingXian tree model.We will strengthen demonstration and leadership to boost morale in the war prevention and control work.Fully tap the advanced typical and moving stories of all kinds of talents who took the initiative and made patriotic contributions in the fight against the epidemic, set up columns in qianyang Party Construction and Qianyang Publicity wechat public account to report on them, recommend them to the mainstream media of central provinces and cities, and constantly stimulate the enthusiasm and enthusiasm of outstanding talents.At the same time, party members and cadres in the county were mobilized to publicize the knowledge of epidemic prevention to the people around them and their relatives and friends with the help of various new media, refute rumors and false information in time, enhance the people’s understanding of epidemic prevention and control work through positive guidance, and create a strong atmosphere of unity and fighting against the epidemic.We will strengthen professional guidance and strengthen the safety net for epidemic prevention and control.Full mobilization of professionals in their respective fields of expertise to contribute to the fight against the epidemic.Organize medical personnel in the county to give up their vacations and work overtime, and do their best to do specific work such as receiving patients with fever, nucleic acid sampling and testing, and controlling isolated hotels;More than 150 professionals in agriculture, rural areas and livestock production were sent to grassroots areas to guide farmers in their spring farming.Organize educational talents to publicize epidemic prevention and control knowledge to students and their parents during online teaching intervals;Artists were encouraged to record short videos and allegro works to fight the epidemic.We mobilized enterprise talents to donate money and materials to ensure the supply of epidemic prevention and control materials and build a mighty force of solidarity to overcome difficulties.Author: Shi Weilong, Li Fan