Yin Tiger trouble spring full of zaozhuang

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In the year of the Tiger, there are many tigers.From Taierzhuang along the Beijing-Hangzhou Grand Canal to Tengzhou, the hometown of Mozi, in both urban and rural areas, tiger shoes, tiger hats, tiger lanterns, paper-cut tigers, dough figurines, cloth tigers…Alive, alive, alive, alive…Known as the “King of beasts”, the tiger has a special status and meaning in traditional culture, full of magical legends and oral stories.Tiger-head shoes “paper-cut tiger” works of folk artists Li Huayi Zhao Zuotang flipping the tiger figure on the gourd JinXueQin draw a tiger in the home “ocean daughter-in-law” moxa mina from Egypt in the display shoes folk artists KanZongQin creative works of “hundreds of tiger hesui” non-material cultural heritage projects of zaozhuang, southern shandong ferro hall pyrography representative inheritance Zhao Zuotang gourd as paper, soldering iron to make “pen”,Temperature is used as color, and a vivid tiger picture is branded on calabash, which is called “Fu Hu”, full of fun.Shibei Community, Guangming Road street, Shizhong District, “grass roots painter” Jin Xueqin created more than 100 tiger paintings of different styles, and displayed them free of charge to residents in the courtyard, so that Everyone can enjoy the fun of “tiger power”.Amina, a “foreign wife” from Egypt, has been married to Taierzhuang for more than 10 years. She loves traditional Chinese culture. During the Spring Festival of the Year of the Tiger, she visited taierzhuang Ancient City wearing a tiger hat and became a scenery in the ancient city.Folk artists Li Huayi and Wang Guangming created the “Year of the Tiger” paper cut works with a strong local flavor, reflecting the taste of the tiger.Kan Zongqin, 66, spent more than a month creating 100 “Tiger New Year’s Day” dough sculptures to add a festive atmosphere to the Year of the Tiger.Tourists enjoy tiger lanterns in The ancient city of Taierzhuang, longshan Road, central district, community residents are making cloth clothes “tiger” by hand. Folk artist Kan Zongqin is teaching the dough sculpture of “One hundred tigers For The New Year”.During the Spring Festival, the element of “tiger” can be seen everywhere in the city. People feel the strong smell of the Year of the Tiger, but also reflect the inheritance, continuation and development of Chinese traditional culture from generation to generation.(Reporter Xun Wenbo correspondent Ji Zhe) Editor: Ma Yuanliang