British traffic police “four strengthened” to defend road traffic safety line

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In order to further eliminate the area of traffic safety hidden dangers, actively prevent and reduce the occurrence of road traffic accidents, Daying County Public Security Bureau traffic police brigade to take “four strengthening” measures, precise force, further strengthen the area of hidden dangers governance work, build a solid line of traffic safety.In February, 76 cases of drunk driving, 4 cases of drunk driving, 38 cases of unlicensed driving, more than 1,100 cases of uncivilized traffic behaviors were detected, 1,400 cases of non-motor vehicles were punished, 253 cases of disorderly parking and 219 cases of running red lights were punished.We will strengthen the investigation and treatment of hidden dangers on key roads.The brigade comprehensively analyzed and sorted out sections of roads where traffic accidents are frequent and prone to occur, made comprehensive maps of sections with sharp bends, steep slopes and poor visibility, and carried out research and analysis in combination with sections where accidents are frequent, so as to strengthen the rectification of hidden dangers on roads and eliminate hidden dangers in time.Organize the police to investigate the road sections adjacent to water, sharp bends, steep slopes, damaged traffic signs and lines, establish a unified investigation ledger, and timely report the hidden traffic safety hazards identified to the relevant departments for rectification.In February, 2 road safety hazards were identified and reported to relevant county-level departments.We will strengthen safety inspections of key enterprises.Police brigade group to the jurisdiction view for enterprise security responsibility to carry out the situation, the safety management system implementation and working parameter, check the driver qualification, such as vehicle safety operation, further establish and improve enterprise basis information parameter, do base, Ming, qing to strengthen traffic safety management for enterprises.In view of the characteristics of accidents and disasters caused by engineering transport vehicles in the jurisdiction, the brigade went to the engineering transport enterprises to analyze and analyze the safety situation, vigorously carried out the centralized rectification of illegal engineering transport vehicles, and strictly investigated and punished the key traffic violations such as overloading, speeding, illegal manned and illegal assembly.Combined the actual jurisdiction delivery Courier industry group, positive to the delivery, express company to carry out inspection and traffic safety propaganda education work, to the company, take-away member, Courier, head of the propaganda about road traffic laws and regulations, such as “a helmet in” knowledge, called for the delivery company, express delivery industry leading role play, take the initiative to obey the traffic laws and regulations, safety civilization involved in the traffic.Strengthen the crackdown on key vehicles.Brigade combined with the actual area, scientific analysis and judgment, in the city of key road sections to carry out electric vehicles renovation work, effectively purify the urban traffic order.Road surface inspections will be carried out jointly at the entrances and exits of towns and at transportation hubs, and agricultural tractors and tricycles will be cleaned up and cleaned up to eliminate stock.The brigade will take freight vehicles as the key control vehicles, relying on The Longsheng law enforcement service station, the “reduction control” checkpoint, strict investigation of truck serious traffic violations.We will strengthen road transport infrastructure.Brigade combining the reality of jurisdiction of road traffic, active in conjunction with the transport department, from the bureau and other departments, in accordance with the requirements of the “check, one by one by one check, for the school peripheral road traffic safety situation, traffic signals, traffic safety facilities such as traffic guardrails, sign and marking, accident black point section of a trawl baseline screening.According to the situation of the platoon, the missing and damaged roads around the school should be added and replaced in time.Conduct field research on the actual situation of road traffic in the jurisdiction, map out the traffic flow situation in the jurisdiction, actively report to the government, and strive for special funds to build traffic facilities such as traffic lights, speed bumps and zebra crossings.5 parking Spaces around the campus were banned to effectively alleviate traffic congestion around the campus.(Daying County Public Security Bureau traffic police brigade) Statement: Reprint this article for the purpose of conveying more information.If the source is wrong or violated your legitimate rights and interests, please contact the author with proof of ownership, we will promptly correct, delete, thank you.Email address: