Guangzhou Evergrande has become a whistler again, low salary and high efficiency, fans: I can only scold imbecile in the future

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Guangzhou Evergrande is once again the whistle blower of the Chinese Super League, heralding the start of a low-wage and efficient internal campaign, but many players may suffer as a result.Fans have said: can not scold high salary imbecile later, can only scold imbecile!Many disliked The results of Guangzhou Evergrande in Chinese Super League and Asian Champions League, so they shouted that Guangzhou Evergrande was the initiator of “golden football”.Whether Guangzhou Evergrande is the initiator of “golden football” is actually full of controversy, but one thing is for sure that Guangzhou Evergrande has changed the previous operation mode of CSL.For example, with high salaries to invite powerful foreign players and world famous coaches, it can also be regarded as A change from A to the Chinese Super League after the Chinese top league has A little appearance.As a result, Guangzhou Evergrande achieved good results, but later imitated clubs gradually played more and more, and gold football really began to be popular. For example, Shanghai Port spent tens of billions of yuan in order to win a championship.When Chen Xuyuan became the association’s president, he decided the price bubble needed to be deflated, so he cut wages for the first time.As soon as the first salary cut came, many players who had been used to high salaries complained bitterly that they could not pay the mortgage.Chen didn’t let that stop him, cutting his salary for the second time in a year, from a maximum of 10 million yuan to 5 million yuan.However, with an annual salary of 5 million yuan, Chinese men’s football players are still not worthy in the eyes of fans.After the 3-1 loss to Vietnam, Chen really felt they didn’t deserve 5 million yuan a year, so the salary limit was cut from 5 million yuan to 3 million yuan starting with the third round.Mr Chen may have done so partly because he genuinely felt that the Chinese men’s football team was not worth the wages they were being paid, and partly to ease the pressure on many clubs that have been exposed as underpaid.When fans, media, and many clubs were discussing the right and wrong of the football Association’s third salary limit, Guangzhou Evergrande made an unexpected decision.They announced the team selection and salary standard notice, when we saw guangzhou Evergrande’s notice, all sighed that Guangzhou Evergrande is going to be the whistle blower again.The maximum salary offered by the FOOTBALL Association is 3 million yuan, while the maximum salary offered by Guangzhou Evergrande is 600,000 yuan, and there are only 3 people who can get the annual salary of 600,000 yuan, and there are 6 people who can get the salary of 400,000 yuan and 300,000 yuan respectively. The starting salary of first-team substitutes is 60,000 yuan, and the maximum salary of substitutes is 144,000 yuan.These salaries are for first-team players, and for echelon players, they can be unimaginably low.The annual salary of 60,000 yuan may not be worth many factory workers.I wonder if the annual salary of Guangzhou Evergrande will become the reference standard for other clubs in the future.If it does, it could herald the start of a low-wage, high-efficiency inside roll, but it could really hurt players.This may be a good thing, as it motivates them to work hard.The fan expresses, such annual salary, later lost the game all can’t scold them high salary imbecility, can only scold imbecility!