How does an integrated prefabricated pump station prevent clogging

2022-06-13 0 By

Integrated precast pumping station is a kind of sewage, rainwater, drinking water, wastewater and other drainage equipment. As we all know, sewage and rainwater are often mixed with various impurities. Many people doubt whether the equipment will be blocked by these impurities.In the actual use of pumping station equipment, this problem will gradually be exposed, the engineering project of pumping station equipment also has certain requirements, for the anti-blockage function, the pump station manufacturers have done enough homework.The pump stations developed so far have achieved certain results in preventing clogging.First of all, from the integrated precast pump station equipment internal components of understanding, the pump station is composed of cylinder, lifting pump system, valve system, grid system, maintenance system, which is a very important part of the grid system to prevent clogging.The grille of pump station is divided into basket grille and smash grille.Basket grille is relatively simple, is installed on the guide rail, the sewage in the cylinder is filtered, and the crushing grille is a crushing function, crushing solid waste in the pump station, effectively avoid the possibility of equipment sewage pump, management blockage.