Please check yourself!The activity track of a confirmed COVID-19 case in Yubei District was announced

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On the evening of March 12, 2022, after receiving the letter of Assistance from other provinces, a close contact of a confirmed COVID-19 case from other provinces was found in Yubei District of Chongqing.Yubei District immediately carried out investigation and verification, and transferred the close contact to the hotel for centralized isolation. Nucleic acid test was carried out according to regulations, and the initial screening result was positive, and the double sampling and double testing result was positive, and the patient was diagnosed as a confirmed COVID-19 case (mild).Yubei District immediately started the emergency response mechanism, quickly carried out flow investigation.At present, all the close and sub-close contacts traced in Chongqing have been controlled and nucleic acid samples have been taken as required, and all the results have been negative.Environmental nucleic acid sampling and terminal disinfection have been carried out in key places where the cases have been active, and the results have been negative.The trajectory of the case in Chongqing was as follows: at 13:13 on March 11, he arrived at T3 Terminal building of Chongqing Jiangbei International Airport by flight ZH9425 (Seat No. 27C) from outside the city;13:13-13:30, Arrival Hall of Chongqing Jiangbei International Airport, go through security check and check health code;13:30-13:41, nucleic acid testing point at Gate 8 of the airport;13:41-13:57, arrive at the pick-up point at gate 6;13:57-20:11, arrived at Chongqing Zhengze Auto Parts Co., LTD by online taxi (YuAD95173) and did not go out;From 20:11 to 24:00, I arrived at Diandian Hotel by online taxi (Yu ADD6593), shopped in Wenping supermarket at 20:22, and did not go out after returning to my room at 20:24.0:00-7:40, March 12, Dian Dian Hotel;7:40-7:41, duxiu dumpling shop near the hotel to buy steamed buns;7:41-8:54, walk to the hardware store 8-3 in ZONE C of Electromechanical City to buy materials;8:54-12:18, arrive at Chongqing Zhengze Auto Parts Co., LTD by online taxi (Chongqing ADH9130);From 12:18 to 12:59, I arrived at Fanghua Hospital for nucleic acid sampling by online taxi (YuAD03731). During 12:49, I went shopping in Yufa Food Operation Department.12:59-17:41, arrive at Chongqing Zhengze Auto Parts Co., LTD by online taxi (Chongqing A612EJ);17:41-19:58, returned to Dian Dian Hotel by online taxi (Yuada5182), during 18:02, went out to buy drinks at a stall of old Woman Qin Yun, returned to the room and did not go out;19:58-21:16, closed-loop transfer to centralized isolation hotel;Since 21:16, it has been brought into closed-loop management.Citizens are requested to conduct self-examination against the activity track of the case immediately. If you have any contact with the activity track of the case in the recent past, please report to your community (village), work unit or hotel immediately, and cooperate with the completion of centralized isolation, home isolation, health monitoring, nucleic acid testing and other prevention and control measures.At present, the situation of epidemic prevention and control is grim and complex. The public is urged to strengthen their awareness of prevention and control, actively cooperate with epidemic prevention and control work, take good personal protection, strictly implement the prevention and control requirements such as wearing masks scientifically, temperature and code testing, and maintain good hygiene habits such as frequent hand washing, frequent ventilation, fewer gatherings, and “one-meter noodles”.If you have symptoms such as fever, cough, fatigue, loss of smell and taste, please wear a medical mask and go to the nearest fever clinic.Statement of COVID-19 Prevention and Control Headquarters, Yubei District, Chongqing, March 14, 2022: This article is reproduced for the purpose of passing on more information.If the source is wrong or violated your legitimate rights and interests, please contact the author with proof of ownership, we will promptly correct, delete, thank you.Email address: