75 km, 520 km, 2,895 km…These words across the distance make eyes tear!

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The reunion of the Spring Festival every year is the common expectation of everyone, but in response to the initiative of “Celebrating the Spring Festival in place”, the majority of people who struggle outside choose to stay in foreign places, and shu shu from other places bear the brunt of the call from their hometown. Then they cannot tell the date of return. Their adherence is not only because of reducing the risk of mobile infection, but also because of the responsibility and responsibility of the police uniform.01 Dear Mom and Dad, I’m sorry I can’t go home for the Spring Festival again this year.This is your eighth Spring Festival without your son.People all say that raising a son can prevent old age, but it happened that the mountain is high and the water flows away from home, and the days that can accompany you are really not many.Last year, I was seconded to the county Data reform Office. I was very busy with my work and often worked overtime. In addition, Yang Ting just gave birth to a baby, so I felt that I had less and less time to call you.But you always say that you are considerate and understanding, and that you are doing well in Heilongjiang. I don’t need to worry, but I know that you still hope to be with your son more.- adapted from wang letter 02 filial piety dilemma since ancient times, all think from a soldier to now work, is also has 12 years, over the years spent less time to accompany you, always call you and I, I seldom take the initiative to call you greetings, and I too little concern to you, ignore you miss my feelings, the in the mind is very guilty.Alone in a foreign land for a stranger, working in a foreign land, away from home, away from relatives and friends, the heart can not help but a lot of care and miss.Another New Year’s Day is coming. I miss your New Year’s Eve dinner very much. Take good care of yourself.03 Dear Mom and Dad, how are you doing recently?Forgive my son for not being able to come home to be with you again.From the army to the public security, I have spent many years away from each other. My sister’s family is in Hangzhou, but now I have basically settled down in Ninghai. I seldom accompany you, which I always feel guilty about.I will not be able to go home for the Spring Festival again, but because the epidemic wave is not over yet, our detention center must maintain a closed duty mode. I am a people’s police, and I am duty-bound to do my duty.Forgive me for missing another appointment.- adapted from shi-lei Chen letter 04 dear daughter, although in ningbo city, but I was in ninghai, your body is in haishu, 75 kilometers, can’t be together day and night, day and night to accompany, missed a lot of daughter grow up for the first time, the first walk, the first to speak, the first kindergarten, the first will jump rope, will for the first time to ride a bike…These should have been dad’s moment, I was always absent, can only laugh at the video.My dear wife, both the police and JingSao you are too busy, to and from work every day to drive eighty kilometers, you always get up early, busy work unit, work need to get the role of “mother”, each training course of study, practice, each time the daughter’s progress, cannot leave your teachings.- adapted from Dong Xingwei letter a bounded letter, plain text but let us read the power of the warm home is the smallest countries are thousands in the heart of the sorghum in the meaning of not only the family reunion is the lights of the city Compiling album | Zhang Yikai began to make up | shen xin Bang Yi nuclear hair | | yan ting source ninghai public security