Aromatherapy series, skin care series, food series xianning “osmanthus ceremony” products debut

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Xiangcheng Metropolis Daily news (reporter Greely) On The morning of January 24th, the “Sweet-scented osmanso gifts” series of products, which were listed as “top ten creative gifts in Hubei province”, were held in wanda Plaza for the first time.On the ceremony, osmanthus scented series, “day fragrant gift” skin care series, “osmanthus blessing gift” food series and so on osmanthus products have appeared, attracting many citizens of the crowd.Xianning osmanthus has a long history of planting, endowed with unique resources, the city’s osmanthus planting area of 100,000 mu, annual output of osmanthus trees more than 1 million, annual output of fresh osmanthus about 1.5 million kilograms.”Osmanthus gift” series of products is the integration and optimization of the city’s osmanthus resources, xianning flowers as raw materials, the use of natural herbal extract proprietary core technology, carefully developed.Among them, sweet-scented osmanthus series includes sweet-scented osmanthus particles, sweet-scented osmanthus moisturizing cream, sweet-scented osmanthus essential oil, etc.”Heavenly Fragrance zhi Li” skin care series includes osmanthus essence mask and osmanthus essence dew, which have strong fragrance and nourish skin.Sweet-scented osmanthus cake and sweet-scented osmanthus tea are included in the sweet-scented osmanthus cake series.According to the introduction, “osmanthus ceremony” series of products by a Yang fragrant flower industry planning research (Xianning) Co., LTD.In May 2021, the company settled down in Xian ‘an Economic Development Zone, with a planned land area of 200 mu and a total investment of 400 million yuan. It is mainly engaged in crude extraction and refining of spice crops, environmental protection treatment, r&d and application of terminal products, etc. It is a full-industry chain factory represented by osmanthus fragrans, integrating production, learning and research, and realizing integrated development of primary, secondary and secondary industries.At the end of November last year, sweet-scented osmanthus gifts series selected by the company were listed among the top 10 creative gifts in Hubei province after expert review and online voting.A Yang sweet flower industry planning research (Xianning) Co., LTD. Sales general manager to enter red said that the held “osmanthus ceremony” series of products hairdo, is to recommend osmanthus products to xianning villagers, let Xianning people have their own characteristics of osmanthus with hand ceremony.It is reported that in addition to “osmanthus gift” series products, the city will also develop osmanthus food, beverage, health care products, skin care products, flavors and spices in the whole field in the future, osmanthus elements into the depth of tourism, health care, cultural and creative industries.