During the Spring Festival holiday, Jinan processed 39,000 tons of garbage and generated 15.21 million KWH of electricity

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Qilu evening news · JiLuYi journalists Xiahou Feng Lei chicken than the correspondent single Joe Song Zhenfei to ensure that citizens have a warm heart, comfortable, peace of mind of the year of the tiger Spring Festival, the lunar New Year holiday in jinan urban management system overall, more than 10000 people, average daily out cleaner continue to intensify the city security, the city’s total processing 39000 tons of garbage burned power generation 15.21 million degrees;In order to create a clean, beautiful, standardized, civilized and harmonious urban environment order, we will take practical actions to support and assist the Beijing Winter Olympic Games.During the Spring Festival holiday, the flow of people in Jinan increased, increasing the pressure of epidemic prevention and control.All operating units of the city’s urban management system strictly follow the “Standards for Epidemic Prevention and Protection of Jinan Sanitation Industry”, comprehensively clean and clean urban public areas, timely do a good job in garbage collection, transportation and treatment, and ensure daily cleaning.Strengthen the collection and disposal management of waste masks, and assign special personnel to take charge.Comprehensive implementation of public toilet cleaning, disinfection, operation and maintenance measures;Strengthen septic tank inspection and supervision, increase disinfection and sterilization efforts;Do a good job in the operation and management of MSW transfer stations, landfills, incineration plants and other facilities to ensure the harmless treatment of MSW;Strictly implement the daily maintenance, disinfection and sterilization of vehicle equipment, sanitation facilities and workplaces to ensure safe and normal operation;Fully cooperate with relevant departments to do a good job in the elimination of centralized isolation points, city entrances and exits, scenic spots and parks, agricultural trade circles and other key parts of the work.During the Spring Festival holiday, Jinan urban management adopts the road integration and comprehensive cleaning mode, organizes high-pressure sprinklers, cleaning vehicles and deep cleaning vehicles, and carries out full coverage of wall roots and fine cleaning and cleaning of 91.24 million square meters of roads in the city every day.For squares, parks, scenic spots, theaters, bus stations and other areas with large flow of people, more cleaning personnel and mechanical vehicles will be dispatched, and all kinds of health dead spots such as roadways, side roads, sidewalks and roadside stones will be completely cleared, so as to improve the overall cleanliness of roads and the living environment of citizens.The city furniture integrated comprehensive cleaning mode, in-depth cleaning of more than 40 pieces of urban furniture in the city, bus stations, isolation guardrail, road brand, traffic signs, overpasses as the focus of improvement, remove all kinds of health dead spots, let clean and tidy into the details of the city.More than 1,200 public restrooms have been cleaned and provided with refined services, and more than 510 public restrooms around scenic spots and other areas with large flow of people have been provided with delayed services to create a convenient, fresh and pleasant toilet environment.Through household publicity, fun activities and interactive games, Jinan Urban management carried out 530 publicity activities with the theme of new atmosphere and new fashion of garbage classification during the Spring Festival, attracting 33,000 participants and 243,000 households.2415 tons of kitchen waste (excluding restaurant kitchen waste), 2.53 tons of hazardous waste and 2,002 tons of recyclables were collected.Make accurate garbage collector handle the whole chain, according to the particularity of surge during the festival the garbage and relatively concentrated, jinan urban management to collect, arrange car, personnel and take protective measures such as wearing masks, gloves, protective clothing, collecting of collector facilities before and after a thorough sanitizers, to enhance the level of garbage collector processing.According to statistics, during the Spring Festival holiday, the city processed 39,000 tons of incineration waste, generated 15.21 million kilowatt hours of electricity, processed 3,651 tons of leachate, processed 21 tons of urban feces, collected and processed 210,000 square meters of landfill gas, generated 420,000 kilowatt hours of electricity, and processed 1789 tons of kitchen waste.Beautiful light show a happy New Year and cheer for the games create beautiful city at night, with lights speak good story of jinan, jinan open through ten east road, Olympic sports area, west railway station “jinghu lounge” in more than 1100 key areas such as building the building lighting facilities, designed to make 3 sets of the Spring Festival theme, 2 sets of the games are the theme of the light show video, 17 at release on time every night,Celebrate the Lunar New Year and cheer on the Olympic athletes.At the same time, the outdoor electronic screen plays the propaganda video of shandong’s “Good Shandong Hospitality”, and more than 12,600 lanterns are hung on the main roads in the city, adding luster to the Spring Festival in Quancheng.More service to bright light, jinan urban management continue to the project of “light” on his way home to carry out the transportation hub, commercial shopping center, park scenic area, important institutions surrounding lighting safety inspection, repair processing the phoenix road, industrial south road line fault 17, repair the single fault of 46, to safeguard the city lights “rate” in the key areas of 99% or more.2007 to provide law enforcement guarantee for a good city appearance environment, during the National Day city management system law enforcement team all on duty, comprehensively promote the “five guarantees in front of the door” responsibility system, effectively increase the city entrance, parks, scenic spots, commercial blocks and other key areas around the city appearance order control efforts.Take key areas designated patrol, flowing tour along the road, walking tour, in the management of key joint tour way of elaborating patrol management, from 5 a.m. extended to 11 PM daily, ensure order in the primary and secondary roads, the key parts of the environment, the comprehensive governance strong-arming, store management, post set up billboards, violate the graffiti and prone to high incidence of cities such as chaos.During the Spring Festival, Jinan city management patrol a total of 1008 key parts of the time, dissuade the road business 2007 times, standardize the store business 1602 times;128 advertising plaques and 60 banners were cleared, 15 damaged advertisements were rectified, and 2944 graffiti were removed.Inspection of food and beverage lampblack units 1271, inspection site 355, not found violations.Let the sanitation workers really feel the warmth of the “mother family” Spring Festival, let the sanitation workers really feel the warmth of the “mother family”, Jinan urban management to do a good job in the sanitation apartment, operation unit safety production guarantee, completely eliminate electricity, gas, water and other safety hazards, strictly implement the disaster prevention and mitigation measures.Actively carry out rich and colorful care sanitation workers activities, organize New Year’s Eve dinner, send dumplings and other activities, let sanitation workers have a comfortable year.At the same time, constantly increase mechanization efforts, effectively reduce the labor intensity of front-line sanitation workers.Tianqiao District environmental management center to carry out visits to visit the New Year, so that the sanitation workers stick to their jobs have warmth, temperature, more taste of home.