In the War of Resistance against Japan, the Military equipment of the German artillery

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In the War of Resistance against Japanese Aggression, China was a backward agricultural country with a poor industrial base, resulting in a very low production capacity of weapons and equipment. As a result, The Chinese army was poorly equipped with weapons and equipment, especially in the face of Japanese armored forces, and seemed powerless.In fact, at that time, the Chinese army was still equipped with some German rebel tank guns, but the number is small, the battle loss rate is high, the role is limited, many people do not know, we now to understand.The anti-tank gun, imported from Germany at that time, was called war and anti-tank gun in old China. Usually there were four soldiers operating one gun, which was aimed directly at tanks and armored vehicles.Developed by Rheinmetall, these guns are pak-35/36.It was a small anti-tank gun for infantry, with a barrel length of 1.66 meters, a gun width of 1.65 meters, a height of 1.17 meters, and a weight of 450 kilograms.This weight mobility was so good that several soldiers could push the gun even without a towing vehicle.The PAK-35/36 anti-tank gun has a fire rate of 13 rounds/min, a muzzle velocity of 760 m/s and an effective range of 300-600 m.It mainly fires 37mm hooded armor-piercing rounds with an armor-piercing capability of 34mm at a distance of 100m and 29mm at a distance of 500m.This armour power in Europe for khoi, Sue, and other industrial powers dozens of tons of tanks and doesn’t work, so the germans for private use is large caliber gun, but in China the battlefield, the Japanese tank type 97 more than 10 tons, type 94 a few tons, armor a few mm to 12 mm thickness, and Japanese tank is riveted structure, not welding, wars artillery also can deal with.From 1934 to 1938, when Germany stopped exporting weapons to China, China imported about 500 guns with more than 500,000 shells.These guns are mainly for the central army, and each division can be equipped with several.Pak-35/36 was first used in the Battle of Shanghai on 813 song.At that time, the Military and the Japanese in Shanghai bloody battle, in the face of the Japanese armored forces crazy attack, our army fought bravely, war and defense guns in a few hundred meters outside the Japanese can destroy 89 tanks, let the Japanese feel surprised.At one point, seven Japanese tanks did not dare to attack Chinese artillery.The most brilliant result of the anti-artillery attack on Japanese armored vehicles was the Battle of Taierzhuang in 1938, when the Chinese army destroyed 13 Japanese tanks with it.However, in various films, books, newspapers and other works showing the Battle of Tai ‘erzhuang, there is no German-made 37mm anti-war cannon, but soldiers risk their lives to attack Japanese tanks with cluster grenades.Of course, this is in order to publicize the courage of the anti-japanese soldiers.These hundreds of guns made great achievements in several major battles at the beginning of the War of Resistance against Japanese aggression. However, due to the Superiority of the Japanese army in air power and artillery, the Chinese army lost a lot of their guns to the attack of the Japanese air fighters and ground artillery.Pak-35/36, because of its short effective range, must reach the forward position to effectively kill the enemy, but this distance is just the Japanese shrapnel, type 92 infantry gun attack.In addition, the backward industry of old China at that time made it impossible to repair and produce artillery shells if they were damaged.The remaining German guns were used in some battles, but were of limited use.