Jialan Group donated more than 10,000 skin care products!Ease the “big white” mask face, escort for contraries

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In the epidemic prevention and control work, medical workers are the most busy group. They work overtime and fight on the front line without stopping. However, wearing masks for a long time has caused many medical workers to suffer from facial allergies, redness, acne and broken skin.To this end, Fengxian Oriental Meigu enterprise donated a batch of skin care products to medical staff to alleviate their “mask face” and other problems, to escort the most beautiful rebels.The Beautiful Material donated by The Gamma Group is purpuyan 728 Cream, which can repair “mask face”.In the automated production workshop, the staff are loading and packing in an orderly manner, and the daily output reaches about 100,000 pieces.This time, Jalan Group donated 11,000 products to the medical staff in Fengxian District.Baymax members raced against time to complete the nucleic acid test. They had no time to take off their masks, and some of their cheeks were crushed by masks and goggles.At the same time, wearing masks for a long time can also cause skin problems such as facial redness, itching, and sensitivity and discomfort.After work, medical staff use this cream to slightly soothe the skin.According to reports, purpuyan 728 cream ingredients, including Xizang spring water with red myrrh alcohol, ginger root extract, purslane, can effectively relieve skin sensitivity, rapid improvement of facial itching, redness and other discomfort caused by mask sensitizing.It can help the keratinocytes of the mask to repair quickly and help the “mask face” to return to normal as soon as possible.In fact, when the epidemic first broke out in early 2020, The Gamma Group rushed to develop the cream and donated it to health care workers across the country.After the clinical test of Shanghai Dermatology Hospital, in the sensitive skin patients with skin problems, 63.46% of the sensitive redness problems were improved after the use of the seventh day.The relevant person in charge of Pfuyan said that in the national fight against the epidemic, enterprises also want to do their social responsibility to protect baymax and make their own contribution to the fight against the epidemic.Reporter: Zhang Lili Editor: Wu Yan