Who is known as the Balzac of the 20th century?

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MAO Dun is known as the Balzac of the 20th century.Balzac, French novelist, is known as the “father” of modern French novel, Balzac was born in a middle-class family in France, the whole life to create a lot of excellent works of literature and art, and create many flesh-and-blood characters, also based in Europe critical realism literature, its “human comedy” was called “encyclopedia” of capitalist society,The social and character narratives are exquisitely and engagingly portrayed.MAO Dun’s works also focus on major social events, capture and convey the recent major facts, and take the political and economic events of the events as his creation themes.For example, the first part of Eclipse was written four months after Chiang Kai-shek launched the Counter-revolutionary coup d ‘etat on April 12, and his Rural trilogy (Spring Silkworms, Autumn Harvest and The End of Winter) reflects the reality of “disastrous harvest” and the process of peasants’ awakening and revolt in the Chinese countryside in the early 1930s.MAO Dun’s Visit to the Soviet Union truly describes what the author saw and heard in the Soviet Union. These works are representative masterpieces of the history of China’s modern revolution and modern ideological history.Therefore, these works of contradiction reflect the trend of the current society and record major events in the society, and Balzac’s influence and works play an extremely important role in the real society, so contradiction is called the Balzac of the 20th century.