125,900 small SUV, equipped with 1.3T engine, fuel costs 25 yuan/day, is it worth buying

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In recent years, SUV models have been welcomed by consumers, and many car companies have seized the opportunity to continuously launch their main models. Therefore, the competition in the SUV market is becoming more and more fierce now. Today, I would like to introduce a small SUV model, which is Buick’s Encore.The Ancora is a small SUV, currently on sale in four models, including two models in 2020 and two models in 2021, the manufacturer’s guide price is 125,900 to 155,900, so, how is its product performance?We take the manufacturer’s guide price of 155,900 yuan of 2021 332T CVT luxury Ancora as an example.Appearance performance, cora the appearance of the whole design is fashionable, face before using the area is not large internal did blackened processing intake grille, the middle logo, promote the identification, on both sides of the paired with wide silver chrome trim decorates, connected to the headlamps, increased the fashion sense and widen the face before the visual effect.The side of the body adopts two smooth waist lines, which converge to the tail respectively. Meanwhile, the body is concave and convex to increase the three-dimensional sense of the body. Coupled with the popular suspension roof design, the fashion sense is enhanced and the identification is enhanced.The rear of the Ancora is more rounded and soft in line, which does not match the front face and body, but the small and delicate taillight is still very designed and recognizable when lit at night.As a small SUV, The whole vehicle’s body length, width and height are 4295/1798/1616mm, and the wheelbase is 2570mm, which has a good competitiveness in the same level of models.In terms of power, It is equipped with a 1.3T 165hp L3 engine, equipped with CVT continuously variable transmission, with a maximum output horsepower of 165Ps and a peak torque of 240N·m. The official 100km acceleration time is 8.9s, and the combined fuel consumption of NEDC is 5.6L/100km.This configuration belongs to the above average level in the same class.In terms of actual driving experience, The Ancora has a sensitive throttle response at the start, and the subsequent power is relatively smooth. However, it needs more patience to further speed up in the latter stage, but it is enough for daily use.After talking about the fuel cost, let’s look at the fuel cost that we are concerned about, because everyone has different driving habits, so we calculate the fuel cost based on the official data of 5.6L/100km. Ancora needs 92# gasoline. At present, the national average oil price per liter of gasoline is about 8.35 yuan, so,The fuel cost for 100 kilometers is 46.76 yuan. According to the calculation of daily family car driving 20,000 kilometers per year, the annual fuel cost is 9,352 yuan. The average monthly fuel cost is about 779 yuan, and the average daily fuel cost is about 25 yuan.Maintenance Costs According to the maintenance manual, the first maintenance of the Ancora is at 5000 km and is free of charge.In the future, basic maintenance will be done every 5000 km, and the engine oil and oil filter need to be replaced, which will cost 628 YUAN in total.It costs 1,092 yuan to replace air conditioning filters, air filters and fuel filters when driving 20,000km.It will cost 989 yuan to change the brake fluid after driving 30,000 kilometers.Spark plugs, air conditioning filters, air filters and fuel filters need to be replaced at 40,000 kilometers, which costs 1,485 yuan.It costs 1,453 yuan to replace air conditioning filters, air filters, fuel filters and brake fluid after driving 60,000 kilometers.Based on the calculation of driving 20000 kilometers per year, the maintenance cost for 3 years is about 9,415 yuan, and the average annual maintenance cost is about 3,138 yuan.Conclusion: To sum up, this Ancora has a fashionable design and meets the aesthetic taste of young people. At the same time, its power performance is normal and can meet the daily needs of families. The annual average maintenance cost is about 3138 yuan.Feel free to discuss in the comments section.