An Xianzhu was attracted by Wang Meng to teach in China with roast duck, cheng Wu jing friends, by Korean netizens boycott

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Russian coach Ahn Hyun-soo, came to China to teach but was scolded by Korean netizens, his wife and daughter’s life also affected — introduction.An Xianzhu, the coach of China’s # ice 2022 short track speed skating team, has been subjected to “online abuse” (verbal boycott) by Korean netizens.In the early morning of February 8, Ahn made an official response to the Internet abuse incident.He asked everyone not to “hurt” his family.In the article, Ahn said that he would humbly accept criticism and corrections if he did not do his job properly.But there is little he can do about areas he cannot intervene in, or about stories that are untrue.At the end of the article, Ahn once again asked netizens not to “hurt” his family.When it comes to cyber violence, we have to mention the performance of Korean athletes at the Beijing Winter Olympics.Among the South Korean athletes, hwang Dae-heon and Lee Jun-soo, both high hopes, were disqualified for foul play.China’s Ren Ziwei and Li Wenlong won the gold and silver MEDALS in the men’s 1,000m short-track speed skating final on Feb 7.Short track speed skating has always been South Korea’s strength.This time, however, they got it wrong.The Chinese team’s steady play, and the South Korean team’s no gain, formed a sharp contrast, “have no place to spread” south Korean netizens, had to point the finger at – South Korean, Russian, China’s coach Ahn Hyun-soo.Ahn Hyeon-soo, a Korean Internet user who is known as an Internet bully, is widely seen in various reports related to the Olympics.In ahn Hyeon-soo’s social media accounts, all kinds of harsh words, but fortunately, ahn hyeon-soo behind the beautiful wife Nali, quietly support him.Sure enough, since Ahn’s wife and daughter are still living in South Korea, many Korean netizens joined them to scold, his wife had to close the comment section.They turned their fire on Ahn hyun-soo’s daughter, saying that her daughter had gone to school and she was afraid to reveal her father’s name. Some even asked Ahn to reveal his daughter’s face.These actions of Korean netizens have reached a point of “madness”.Is ahn Hyun-soo, who they say is biased in favor of the Chinese, really that bad?It is well known in sports circles that Ahn left Korea because of the unfair treatment he received during his time in Korea.Obviously a super talented short-track speed skater, but he was excluded from the team;After the ligament injury, the national team did not reimburse, but let him pay for the treatment of his own pocket;Ahn missed out on the 2010 Vancouver Olympics because of disagreements among South Korean sports officials.Frustrated, He renounced his Korean citizenship and naturalized in Russia.Playing for Russia, he helped Russia win the first short track speed skating gold medal in history, and then won many other achievements, directly rewriting the Russian short track speed skating history.So why did Ahn coach in China again?This has to mention at that time China short track speed skating coach – Wang Meng.We often meet each other in the games, so we get to know each other, and over time, the athletes form a deep friendship.Wang was generous with her praise for ahn’s “talent” and often invited him to coach in China after he announced his retirement.Ahn didn’t immediately agree to Wang’s invitation, but in 2018, he and his wife Niu Nali visited Wang in Beijing.In order to entertain the guests from afar, Wang meng specially chose the delicious Peking duck.After tasting Peking duck, Ahn and his wife were so impressed with the Chinese cuisine that he agreed to coach Wang Meng, who has since agreed to coach China’s short track speed skating team.After Ahn was attacked by the Internet, Wang Meng also came forward to respond, saying that she invited Ahn from Russia, and that When Ahn wanted a platform to show his own, Koreans did not give him a chance. Therefore, Korean netizens have no right to scold him.After becoming the coach of the Chinese short track speed skating team, Ahn Hyun-soo has always had a good relationship with his teammates.Under the careful guidance of Ahn Hyun-soo, Wu dajing and his teammates successfully won China’s first gold medal at the Beijing Winter Olympics.In the competition, Ahn hyun-soo and the Chinese athletes are harmonious relationship between teachers and students;Off the court, he also became good friends with the Chinese athletes.When see Wu Dajing champion, An Xianzhu happily and Wu Dajing congratulations, and this scene also stimulated the Korean netizens, directly led to the occurrence of “net violence”.In the past, two people with the frame of the game screen, was also picked up by Korean media.Chinese netizens love Ahn hyun-soo, urging him to stay in China.Only in this way can Ahn continue to exert his value in short track speed skating.Author: Shi Tou; Editor: Anning