Beijing Winter Olympics: “porcelain city” made robot circle powder countless!You know how to make coffee and tea

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Urban site without authorization shall not be reproduced original source | 2022 winter Olympic Games in Beijing, in addition to the athlete’s elegant demeanour, feeling is also a feature of science and technology.The robots serving the Winter Olympics are one of the highlights. They have assumed the burden of epidemic prevention and control, providing services such as cruise, food delivery, guidance, elimination and waste removal.One of the robots was made in Jingdezhen, Jiangxi province.Five of the 11 service robots at the 2022 Beijing Winter Olympics are from Beijing Orion Star Technology Co LTD.And in these 5, have one, come from the subsidiary of Orion starry sky — Jingdezhen of Orion starry sky intelligence technology limited company.They were selected from 84 service robots from 47 companies that applied.Hua Min, general manager of Jingdezhen Orion Sky Intelligent Technology Co., LTD. : Leopard’s big screen can realize check-in reception and translation functions, and leopard’s little secretary is responsible for navigation and reception functions.In the village of winter Olympics, we also have our vending robot Leopard hawker, especially a coffee robot named Zhika Master, which is a real Jingdezhen made robot.Hua Min told reporters that Zhika Master product from prototype design to production and assembly is completed in Jingdezhen, it can not only automatically make coffee, but also tea.At present, in the winter Olympic village and various venues can be seen, and countless circle powder.The most high-tech part of this smart Cafe master is its flexible robot arm.Hua Min, General manager of Jingdezhen Orion Sky Intelligent Technology Co., LTD. : In the past, robot arm technology was monopolized by foreign countries for a long time.After several years of development, our enterprise has made breakthroughs in some of the difficulties in the past, on the one hand, greatly reducing the production cost of hardware, and at the same time, improving the precision of products.Huamin said that as an ARTIFICIAL intelligence technology company, its technology debut at the Beijing Winter Olympics is not only to show China’s technological strength, but also to launch a Made-in-China brand, and they are full of confidence in the future of the digital economy.Hua Min, general manager of Jingdezhen Orion Sky Intelligent Technology Co., LTD. : Robot is a typical digital terminal, which plays a very important role in strengthening and expanding the development of digital economy.In the future, we will further increase investment in r&d and market promotion of relevant products, so that more of our good products can be introduced to millions of households and various service scenes in our society.