Changde: No relaxation in epidemic prevention and control

2022-06-15 0 By

Volunteers check health codes on site.Civilized sacrifices.Rednet moment Changde On April 4 (reporter Huang Gang) “Qingming festival rain, pedestrians on the road to death.”Qingming Festival, Changde Wanjin Cemetery ushered in the tomb Sweeping festival peak.On April 4, the reporter saw at the site of Wanjin Mausoleum that due to the advance deployment and careful organization, the whole mausoleum civilized worship and epidemic prevention and control work was in good order.This year is the time of high incidence of the epidemic. According to the spirit of the video teleconference of the Ministry of Civil Affairs on tomb-Sweeping Day in 2022, the spirit of the Notice on Tomb-sweeping Day in 2022 issued by the Provincial Civil Affairs Department and the epidemic prevention arrangement of the Municipal Party Committee and the Municipal Government, Changde City Civil Affairs Bureau earnestly does a good job in the management of mass tomb-sweeping day service during tomb-sweeping Day.To ensure that changde memorial work green, safe, civilized and orderly.On the eve of tomb-sweeping Day, changde city districts, counties and administrative areas combined with the local reality, issued the tomb-sweeping day memorial work program, and set up by the civil affairs department led by the publicity, forestry, emergency response, public security, health and other related departments with the tomb-sweeping day memorial work special team, overall arrangements for the tomb-sweeping day memorial security work.At the same time, in view of the relatively concentrated time for people to carry out the tomb Sweeping Festival, all localities have implemented strict prevention and control measures, such as cleaning and disinfection of the sites, temperature testing of the personnel, wearing of masks, scanning of site codes, and health monitoring of employees.At the same time, strengthen the guidance of the flow of people at the entrance and exit of the cemetery, reduce the stay time of the crowd and prevent people from gathering together;Strictly implement the number of restrictions, control the number of tombs, indoor places at the same time;If it is found that people have fever, cough and other related symptoms, timely report tomb-sweeping work team.It is understood that this year, changde city funeral service center to advocate appointment, wrong peak, limit the flow, as far as possible to reduce the gathering of personnel, and the implementation of the site code, temperature measurement, wearing masks and other protective measures;We advocate the masses to change customs and customs, vigorously promote online sacrifice, flower sacrifice and green sacrifice, and adopt online ways of offering flowers and writing messages to express respect and memory for heroes and ancestors.