Did you fall for it?The use of gas in the life is the most common “ten misunderstandings”, must not step on thunder!

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In daily life we often have to deal with gas how to do daily protection?What misunderstandings should be avoided in protection?Now!Please be sure to take good use of this gas “misunderstandings” small list of the following ten misunderstandings can never “break” oh!Misconception 1 There are great safety risks in sealing gas pipelines, gas meters and other facilities.Once the gas leaks, the gas will gather in the confined space and flash when it meets the open flame.According to regulations, gas meters and pipes must be exposed to keep ventilation, so as not to be prone to explosion accidents.Error two when the fire, consecutive times can not continue to try if the fire can not be hit for three times in a row, should pause for a while, to determine the gas dissipation, and then restart the fire.This is because, in the process of operation, the gas has been repeatedly released, easy to deflagrate in the event of open fire.Misunderstanding three gas stove can not hit, with a lighter to help the fire can not catch fire there may be a variety of reasons, one of the situation is that the igniter is broken.If you use a lighter to start a fire at this time, and the gas has been discharged outward, if the emissions are too much, once you encounter an open flame, it will instantly explode.Mistake four Flame color is not correct still use under normal circumstances, gas flame is blue.If the flame turns red, green, or yellow, the gas is not burning enough and may leak.In this case, should turn off the gas stove, or adjust the flame size, until the color of the flame is normal, and then continue to use.The gas valve should be closed first and then the cooker should be closed, so that the excess gas in the pipeline can be fully burned, so that the pipeline will not store gas, causing security risks.Misunderstanding six gas stove is the same common gas stove can not be disorderly air source.The calorific value that gas kitchen uses gas according to is different, the parameter of the design is different also.If the type of gas stove is inconsistent with the gas, the heat load (gas consumption) and thermal efficiency can not achieve the best match, resulting in gas waste, but also because of incomplete combustion and emissions of a large number of exhaust gas, adverse to the human body.Misunderstanding seven will have gas facilities room as a bedroom will use gas room set table, kitchen, gas pipeline in one room, once there is a leak, gas concentration is too high, because the lack of oxygen will make people suffocate, in case of Mars will also lead to explosion combustion.Therefore, rooms with gas facilities such as kitchens cannot be used as bedrooms.Additional, also must not pile up inside the kitchen inflammable explosive article, cannot have the 2nd fire source, should assure to use gas environment ventilation is good.The gas hose should be replaced regularly, usually every two years.If it is found that the hose is hardened, aging, cracking and other phenomena, it is more important to replace it in time, otherwise it is prone to gas leakage.At the same time, the use of hose should be as short as possible, generally not more than 2 meters, and not through the wall.Misunderstanding area 9 fuel gas stove has protective function, need to protect no longer a lot of fuel gas stove contains protective function now, because kitchen is provided on certain level, avoided the possibility that produces danger.However, these protection functions should not be regarded as comprehensive safety protection.If a gas leak is found in the room, close the gas valve and open the window carefully.Because some Windows are made of aluminum alloy, they are prone to spark and cause explosions when opened quickly.In addition, in the gas leakage area, do not use open fire, do not call mobile phones, operate electrical switches, etc., to quickly evacuate the scene before calling for help.Do families remember all these “myths”?Have you also forwarded to relatives and friends to see?Enthusiastic xiaobian and then give a “gas safety rhyme” we quickly learn together ~ source: Chaoyang Ganghua gas (from: Chaoyang network police patrol law enforcement)