Dress up hangzhou, improve the quality of the environment, these roads and residential construction

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This article is transferred from: Qianjiang Evening News qianjiang Evening News · Hour news reporter Sun Yan correspondent Xia Yinglan yesterday (April 8) afternoon, Hangzhou city urban environmental quality improvement will be held in Linping district.Participants surveyed the construction of the subway reconstruction road, the construction of Xingguang Street and the improvement of surrounding environment quality, the construction of the “last kilometer” experience area of Linping Sports Center and the renovation project of Fengyi Home.Xingguang Street (Wangmei Road – Hongfeng Road) renovation project starts from Wangmei Road in the west and ends at Hongfeng Road in the east. 80% of the project has been completed.Among them, the subway reconstruction road of Xingguang Street is a part of the renovation project of Xingguang Street (Wangmei Road – Hongfeng Road), including storm sewage pipeline, comprehensive pipeline, road white to black, landscape greening and ancillary facilities, etc. The subway reconstruction road construction has been completed.People’s Avenue (East Lake South Road – Lindong Road) People’s Avenue (East Lake South Road – Lindong Road) transformation and upgrading project is the road construction project of linping Asian Games venue surrounding environment improvement project.So far, people’s avenue main lanes in the slow lane type asphalt paving has been finished, the gym door to south hing road north 1 fine grained type paving asphalt surface has been completed, the pavement surfacing has completed 80%, seedling planting 70% complete, bus station have the installation is complete, the wisdom light pole with 40% completed, whole project has been completed 89% of quantities.Feng instrument home to upgrade the feng instrument home to upgrade project for the flat in the games venues around a neighborhood in residential area to upgrade project, reform contents including the ascension facade, village door head modification, cage solar demolition of management, community landscape, along the street for store brand management, public space to improve.Up to now, 11 facades have been renovated, and all the external frames have been installed. The overall construction progress of the community has been completed about 72%.