I’ll reimburse the ticket back home!The winners were announced on February 7

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Posters news client on January 25 solstice on February 15, “poster news home ticket” activities, in the dock with the topic involved in messages and upload on February 15, January 1 solstice destination for shandong’s train ticket between photos or order screenshots (sensitive information please make your own Mosaic), which have the opportunity to seize the opportunity of train tickets for reimbursement.The campaign lasted for 22 days, and about 100 netizens were selected to reimburse train tickets every day. A total of 2,022 train tickets were reimbursed during the campaign.Poster (click here to directly participate in activities within a client) (click to download “client” posters news https://hb.dzwww.com/zt/2022year/app/).