Premier League round 18 preview: Manchester United vs Brighton, both sides could win, cristiano Ronaldo leads the starting line-up

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Premier League: Manchester United v Brighton Date:Manchester United have won 11, drawn 7 and lost 6 in 24 matches in the Premier League, scoring 38 goals and losing 32. Manchester United are fifth in the league on 40 points, one point behind west Ham united in fifth place with a game in hand. There is no room for error in the race for the fourth spot.This game for United, must be a good opportunity, it depends on united can grasp the opportunity.Brighton are currently ninth in the Premier League with 33 points from 23 games, six points behind the top six with two games in hand.Is the team to draw the most times this season, over the past nine games to 13 goals, their cutting compared to the previous large (14) 16 rounds before ascension, striker mo sent d team has scored nine goals, is the team’s top scorer, McAllister and Poland midfielder modell teamed up with d team has scored four goals, eight assists,Last round the end of the 2-0 victory over watford continuous be embarrassing situation, it is important to note that the road this season is amazing, 4-7-1 record, scoring 15 goals, 12 goals, away fighting among the top, but VIP, sami to injury, still has certain influence to the team.Manchester united this season 11-7-6 grades ranked fifth in the league, for a big team but not very ideal, but there is hope of qualifying for next season’s champions league, the previous round the 1-1 draw at Southampton, last 2 games all failed to win games, at home this season 6 win 2 draw 4 negative, home record, scored 19 goals at home,Sheet 16 ball flat on both ends, since the lang Nick grades rebounded since he took office, only lost one play to stable gradually, defensive defense also has a lot to improve, but united’s latest is the internal unity, is not satisfied for coach Nick coach lang, personnel aspects Fred had tested positive for human immunodeficiency virus because the new champions in the game,Sancho has scored four goals for Manchester United this season, and the absence of Billie and Matic has reduced the team’s effectiveness. If the team loses in a surprise match, it will have a great impact on the team.Two recent performance, Brighton some relatively more ideal, although Manchester united in two rounds are still occupy obvious advantage in the overall strength, the Manchester united game at home to a 1-1 draw at Southampton, team regular time by three consecutive draws, coach lang Nick with players from outside criticism, if it is unable to continue winning, may let things continue fermentation, but one point away from the champions league zone.There was no doubt about the quality of the game, scoring in their last five games against Brighton, winning their last three games in that period.Brighton Starter predictions: 1- Robert Sanchez, 34- Wiltman, 4- Webster, 33- Dan Bourne, 3- Cucurenia, 17- Alzate, 13- Gross, 10- McAllister, 15- Modell, 9- Mo Payne, 11- Trossard Manchester United Starter predictions: Goalkeeper: Dean Henderson, defender:Luke Shaw, Varane, Maguire, Darlott Midfielders: McTominay, Pogba, Fee, strikers: Sancho, Cristiano ronaldo, Rashford