Prince Philip, the world’s richest man, has had more than 30 alleged girlfriends

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Prince Philip has been married to the British royal family for more than 70 years, but his seemingly happy marriage to Queen Elizabeth has had its ups and downs.According to the British media, prince Philip has had more than 30 confidants and 24 illegitimate children in his life.From the US to the UK, from entertainment to politics, the list of Prince Philip’s lovers has been dubbed “Prince Philip’s Club” by the British press.Surely many people want to ask, such a flower heart man, in the end is having what kind of romantic love history?Why would Queen Elizabeth like a man like that?Speaking of which, it may seem that Philip and Elizabeth are destined for such an inseparable relationship.Philip was originally a prince of Denmark and Greece, and he and Elizabeth shared a grandmother, Victoria, which means they were distant Cousins.He was only one when his family fled to France in the 1920s after Greece was defeated in the Greek-Turkish war.The family, originally a royal and noble family, suddenly became a down-and-out idler. When was the end of such a precarious and helpless life?In 1939, Philip, who had just come of age, met Princess Elizabeth when she was only 13, arranged by his uncle Dickie.Since the meeting was urged on by his own family, Philip will surely be keen to please the British princess.However, Philip did not do this, and actually took a fancy to Elizabeth’s sister Margaret.It was a panic attack for parents.You know, Elizabeth is the future Queen of England, originally wanted to bring Philip and Elizabeth together, so that the lonely family can climb up a high branch to make a comeback one day.Philip, however, could not move when he saw Marguerite.But Philip’s performance, let Elizabeth immediately remember this handsome and personality cousin, and fell in love with Philip.Elizabeth for cousin love at first sight, she did not shy away, but hope everyone know.Their brief encounter in their teenage years makes Elizabeth remember her cousin, but it does not affect Philip’s search for the whole forest.Even the Philips, who were lonely and had no financial means, still had aristocratic titles.Add to that phillips’ handsome image, and he’s already got plenty of young fans behind him.It was not long before Philip met his first girlfriend, Ausra, whom he was said to have fallen madly in love with.Can be born into a rich family not poor money Ausra want is not romantic love, she wants to enter Hollywood, become the attention of the stars.Indeed, status, money, fame, prince Philip can not give Anything to Ausra, finally had to choose to let go.Although he cried his eyes out in the street the night osla left, a few days later he was back with the Australian beauties.It also gives Philip a taste of the fun of walking around with beautiful women, and he is also a master of time management.While experiencing the taste of love, while and cousin Elizabeth’s love letter has not broken.In the end, Philip gave up his family inheritance and naval officer title, changed his surname to his mother’s name and became a British citizen in order to “marry” the British royal family.Was Phillips ever in love with Elizabeth?There should be.After all, no matter how many girlfriends phillips dated before their marriage, he wrote to Elizabeth and kept her secret for eight years.Philip even asked his sister, “Was this brave or stupid?” when faced with the prospect of marrying the future Queen.It can be seen that he and Elizabeth’s marriage, at least at that time, was very important to him.In addition, although Phillips was born into a noble family, he spent his childhood wandering from place to place, and even he admitted that It was Elizabeth who gave him care and warmth of home.Perhaps that’s why He settled down, but it’s a “love miracle” that he was able to stay with Elizabeth for 74 years.To say, as a “superfluous husband” Philip should be on Elizabeth’s submissive bar, in fact, not.According to British media, “Prince Philip is a charming man who is every woman’s fantasy.”Soon after his marriage Philip became involved with a woman called Brabbourn, with whom he often drank tea and talked.”I just take it as a joke,” she said.If Elizabeth’s heart was really big, the newlyweds were able to indulge their husbands in all sorts of fun.Shortly after Elizabeth was pregnant with Prince Charles, Philip spent four months on a yacht with his girlfriends.Prince Philip watched stage actor Pat Kirkwood while Elizabeth was eight months pregnant at home in 1948.He was fascinated by pat’s long legs, one of the eight wonders of the world.As soon as the show was over, Philip went backstage to the dressing room to meet the actress alone, during which everything that could have happened.They then had dinner together and parted in the morning.After that, they often met and kept an ambiguous correspondence.The letters are said to have been written by Pat before his death and may be released to the public in the near future.Surely these letters, once published, will attract a large crowd.To say that there is no impermeable wall in the world, originally Elizabeth wanted to choose to turn a blind eye to Philip’s scandal again, but how also can not resist the pressure of public opinion.Elizabeth, who was pregnant at the time, said her husband was busy with business and sent Philip into exile.It would be a good time for Philip to reflect on his influence on Elizabeth and the public.However, when Philip returned to England, he did not repent, and still staged a romantic drama.After the death of King George in 1952, Princess Elizabeth officially became queen. Will Philip, who has become queen, be more restrained?Just a few years later, Prince Philip took a royal cruise ship with friends and did not return to Britain until early the following year.Six months without the king of a country is not a good thing to say, so there is a lot of speculation that the British royal couple’s relationship is in crisis.How could the media miss such an opportunity to soak up traffic by exposing the fact that prince Philip was on a cruise ship with beautiful women smuggled from other countries?Elizabeth was nervous at the news. If it caused resentment among the English public, or international comment, it would be more than a skeleton in the family.The Queen quickly ordered an official statement: “It is completely untrue that there is a rift between the Queen and the Duke.”Elizabeth then flew to Portugal, hoping to bring her husband back to England, but when she opened the door, her husband and a room full of women with fake beards were having a party.In a bid to fit in with her husband’s circle of friends, Elizabeth was photographed sporting a fake beard.If it were not for the honour of her subjects, Elizabeth’s love would not be so humble.However, in the face of Elizabeth’s tolerance, Philip became even worse.In 2002, Elizabeth’s mother and sister died one after another, when she most needed the comfort and company of relatives, Philip and his little girlfriend Penny was riding a motorcycle in the countryside.Several people even witnessed Penny sitting in the back of the car, holding Phillips around the waist.It was a blatant challenge to the queen’s authority, even if it was all fun and games and imagined make-out scenes.Elizabeth was furious and gave them an ultimatum, which for the time being cut off one of Philip’s affections.It is worth mentioning that Penelope, a woman more than 30 years younger than Philip, is not simple, and the prince between the rumor spread for decades.Penelope has been Philip’s horse-drawn racing partner since 1994, and he invites her to family gatherings every weekend.However, Penelope never and Elizabeth two people in any occasion at the same time, this is guilty or do not want to rival the positive just?Elizabeth has also turned a blind eye to their romance, with a source saying: ‘The Queen has given Philip a lot of leeway.’It means you don’t embarrass your husband in public, as long as you both know how to behave.The queen has a big heart.According to British media, Penelope is phillips’ true confidante, and the two have many interests in common, and they have a great chemistry.Up until the time of Prince Philip’s death, they were often photographed travelling around together.Shouldn’t your last moments be reserved for your loved ones?This prince is a romantic and affectionate seed!Elizabeth endured 75 years of such a pitiful husband, a life experience that is hard for ordinary people to understand.Elizabeth continued to maintain a positive image of her husband even after his death.That the Queen is her husband may be only part of the story.It is more that the Queen understands that if she wants to wear a crown, she must bear the weight of it. What she has done all her life is to protect the dignity of the country.