Set out to dinglong Bay, Zhanjiang, Guangdong spring outing, live in a front-line sea view room, waves, sunshine, spring breeze

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The waves are sketched with light brush, the green wind blows over the island and the vitality of spring is perceived,Always at ease in zhanjiang in waters all the year round average temperature of 23-27 ℃ all the year round with flowers “, “China’s southernmost city” the longest coastline of China city “bring about zhanjiang ding longwan evening glow of” Chinese seafood cuisine “” China’s most suitable for endowment resort city” bring about zhanjiang ding longwan aerial “China top ten livable city” “national garden city” of these titles are in zhanjiangThe wind is not dry, the sun just come to Zhanjiang Dinglong Bay, go to a romantic spring day look at the sea, take a deep breath, sanyi Health introduced short-term sojourn 48 flat balcony seascape room Sanyi sojourn,Guangdong Zhanjiang Dinglongwan Hotel base words not to say more direct look at dinglongwan hotel base @ DinglongwanSeaside scene shooting ding longwan international tourist resort is located in China’s southern tip of zhanjiang leizhou peninsula wuchuan national 4 a level traveling scenic area covers an area of about 25000 mu has 16 km gold coast is a collection tourism, vacation, entertainment, leisure, culture, education, shopping, food, health spa in the integration of international ocean resort three means, raising base is located in ding Kowloon bay resort area is aElement theme of vacation home to sea animals serviced apartments by a professional hotel management company operates with 24-hour professional butler service base has 1900 guestrooms and suites ranging from 48 square meters to 152 square meters away from the coastline linear distance is only 200 meters every room with 180 ° broad ocean view 16 km ecological coastal scenery all can doClosed eye ground base with a number of facilities for around the theme of the different cuisines restaurant more children’s amusement park has a gym, multifunctional hall, KTV, supermarket facilities are more full of exotic cowboy town of about 500 mu, water theme park, one of the world’s different region amorous feelings of beach street, many fields such as matching allows you to travel, like a colorful rainbow base room contracted and delicate,Clean and comfortable floor glass wall looks out is the blue sky white clouds sea each room is equipped with open kitchenette, small refrigerator, large balcony, to meet the general needs of life, every day there are cleaning aunt high frequency disinfection, all bed products a guest change, wash hands, toilet……Every detail shows the quality and care of the base.There are eight restaurants in the base, all of which are owned by dinglong Bay Property, including owner’s restaurant, Mongkok Restaurant, Thai restaurant, Hong Kong style tea restaurant, etc. (all within 5 minutes’ walk). The guest restaurant is Captain Restaurant, which can accommodate 650 people at the same time.The standard breakfast is porridge, steamed bread, egg, soybean milk, sweet potato, etc. (the picture is the actual photo of customers’ dining.Only as a reference) meals for three vegetables a soup base of a fruit menu changes daily entertainment at in addition to sharing ding Kowloon bay resort offers special table tennis venue visit each project to provide specialized taiji teaching provides a movie service provide KTV sing service game, poker and mahjong square dance service guangdong zhanjiang ding longwan customer feedbackDinglong Bay Base is the base with the most feedback at present, all praised dinglong Bay base for its good seascape room and excellent food and beverage. The aunts from Zhejiang followed Sanyi Kangyang and took many beautiful photos from guizhou summer vacation to Dinglong Bay beach vacation in autumn. The aunts from Guangzhou reported that the environment of Dinglong Bay base was beautiful and the sea sunrise was beautiful.Holiday is a good place for shopping base base 300 m walk can be reached of the dragon optimization service (24 hours) to buy food supermarket, department stores, daily necessities and so on base of 300 m walk can be reached the captain supermarket (open 09:00 to 22:00) can buy food, department stores, daily necessities, in addition to the scenic area supermarkets to peripheral market is also more convenient QinBai market at 7 o ‘clock every morningYou can buy fresh seafood and meat dishes half a day ago. It takes five minutes to get to the base gate by car, and you can carpool across from KFC.Ganglian Supermarket (outside the scenic spot) 5 minutes by car to Qin Ba Town, 15 minutes by car to the base traffic base from the high-speed railway station Wuchuan station, 28 kilometers, only 40 minutes by car, taxi is expected to be 90 yuan a car;The base is 42 kilometers away from Maoming Station. It is estimated to take one hour by car and 130 YUAN by taxi.The base is 50 kilometers away from Zhanjiang Wuchuan Airport, about 1 hour and 20 minutes by car. It is estimated to cost 150 yuan per car by taxi.The base is 69.5 kilometers away from Zhanjiang Airport, about 1 hour and 40 minutes by car. It is estimated to cost 200 yuan per car by taxi.After placing an order on the platform, the customer service will guide the customer to go to the base by car, suggesting taking a car by yourself or didi taxi.If you need to pick up the car, sanyi health can help find the car, the price according to the market price charge.Side travel, side holiday, fresh and happy and interesting “play where live where” sojourn · find three meaning health!