What can I get for 199 yuan?Chery new car “Omonda” to report for duty

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To make it in the domestic car market these days, you need to pull out all the stops, otherwise there is no place for you in the domestic car market.Especially now the domestic independent brands, the strength is not to be underestimated.Even Chery, often derided as a closed-door company, has embarked on a path of fashion and innovation.It can be said that chery’s models are no longer the technical nerds they used to be, but more fashionable and atmospheric.This is not, as chery new generation of fashion running SUV, Chery OMODA is now officially born in Chinese.Ou Mengda the Chinese name can be said to stand out from thousands of naming schemes, the more important point is that Chery Ou Mengda now only need 199 yuan to make up your mind, but also benefits.First of all, this Omonda is a man of great responsibility.It is called a global car because it will be released in more than 30 countries.Just like its Chinese name Oumeng Da and English name OMODA5, they are named from the fans, have to say, once the technical nerd, now is also enlightened, really really do from the user’s point of view, user-centered, in this point really want to praise Chery.What’s more, Chereo Monda is not only personalized in its name, but also in its appearance design.The middle net design of inverted ladder style is full of personality, and the square block air intake grille is like shining diamond.Coupled with long narrow headlights on both sides, refracting a very dazzling sense of light.At the same time, the side of the Chereo Monda also shows its flexibility.The straight waist line with the big back roof, more to highlight its sense of fashion, coupled with the powerful wheel hub below, more to show its endless power sense.What’s more, the taillight design of the side of the body is more cutting-edge, so to speak, the design of the whole tail of the body is more inclusive.Especially the interior layout of Cheriao Mengda can resonate with young people more.Because you’re not in a car, you’re in a dream market.It not only has a lot of cross-dimensional fashion design, but also has a high-tech intelligent seat, which is equipped with chery’s latest generation of “Lion5.0AI technology intelligent cockpit”, and has a 24.6-inch integrated dual-screen, all kinds of entertainment systems.For young people, technology and intelligence are what they like most.Chereo Monda is doing just what it wants.Finally, Cherio-Munda also gives us a full surprise in terms of motivation.Oumengda is equipped with a 1.6TGDI engine of Kunpeng Power, which can accelerate to 100km in only 7 seconds, giving you a truly enjoyable driving experience.At the same time, Chereo Monda also added the function of car simulation sound wave on the basis of the sport mode, which is for the young people who love car racing, although they can not really enjoy the race track.However, the Omonda can satisfy the driving experience that you want to be fast on the track.Of course, the Chery Monda will officially open for pre-order at the end of April, but it only costs 199 yuan to pre-order now.What can YOU buy for 199 yuan now?The Cherio-Munda is worth considering.Not only has the appearance level, and the sense of science and technology, but also has a strong and matchless power.So, the heart as action!