Daoxian county strengthened ecological environmental protection and promoted ecological civilization construction

2022-06-16 0 By

Yongzhou news dispatch (reporter harry Xiong Changyong Guo Xueyuan) for days, dao county forestry sector around the “precious wetlands Harmonious coexistence between man and nature “theme, the plum blossom, white cross, auspicious lam shop, major brevifolia dam township sustained wetland conservation tour, mobilize social participation wetland protection, actively respond to climate change, strengthen ecological environmental protection,We will promote ecological progress.In the village market, school community, river pond around, the author along with the sen insurance staff and volunteers, combined with the Spring Festival safety hidden trouble investigation, five consecutive publicity tour, at the scene, the onlookers some read protection laws and regulations, some looked through the publicity manual, some scrambled to consult and solve the problem.According to statistics, the county’s 26th “wetland protection day” tour during the publicity activities, a total of 10 vehicles out of the production of 19 panels, hanging banners 20, issued brochures 6500 copies, “proposal” 8000 copies, group text messages more than 10,000.The activities further popularize the knowledge of wetland protection, enhance the awareness of social environmental protection, create a good social atmosphere, and promote the construction of ecological civilization.