Do you know of any other ways to control thorn moths besides spraying them?

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(1) Overview: Sphinidae belongs to lepidopteran sphinidae. The larva is slug shaped and often has nodules and spines on its body.Pupae often have smooth hard cocoons.There are mainly yellow prickly moth, mulberry brown prickly moth, flat prickly moth, bright green prickly moth, brown edge green prickly moth, two-color green prickly moth and so on.(2) The occurrence characteristics of the representative species, I. i. Distribution and harm, also known as yangtangzi.The insect is distributed almost throughout the country.It is an omnivorous food pest, mainly harming more than 120 kinds of plants such as Double Yang wood, triangle maple, robinia pseudoacacia, Chinese parasol, plum blossom, Chinese rose, crabapple, craping myrtle, willow, etc.The first instar larvae feed only on mesophyll, then nibble the leaf after 4 instars, often eating up the leaf.(2) Living habits 1~2 generations a year, the mature larvae in zhiguan and other cocoon, pupation in May to June the next year, in June, adult worms, photochromic.Eggs scattered or several connected, mostly produced on the back of leaves.Egg stage is 5 to 6 days.The larvae feed on the egg shell at the first hatched, then on the mesophyll at the back of the leaf, and on the whole leaf at the 4th instar.7 months old mature larvae leaf silk and secrete mucus cocoon pupation.(3) The prevention and control measures of sphinx moth ① To eliminate overwintering insect cocoon.Can be combined with tending pruning, winter garden, etc.② Use black light lamp to trap and kill adult insects.(3) The primary larvae had a clustering habit, and the leaves were removed manually.④ Protect natural enemies, such as Shanghai green bee, ichneumon wasp, etc. ⑤ Control new technology.The use of root root prevention and control, according to the DBH of garden trees, according to 1g (pharmaceutical)/1cm (DBH) root application, after pouring 15kg water, to be buried after thousands of water Yin.Alternatively, the dosage of 0.3g(reagent)/1cm (DBH) can be mixed with water for infusion of 300 ~ 500mL.The results of these two new methods are very good, and can reach 3~6 months, and do not kill the government, do not pollute the environment, simple and easy, especially suitable for the control of tall tree pests.