During the Battle of Laoshan, the artillery commander sent messages to the female soldiers and asked to see who “No.03” was

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One morning in September 1986, the venue of Yunnan Front Headquarters of Chengdu Military Region, accompanied by warm applause, a female soldier wearing a third-class military medal on her chest walked to the front of the venue.Her 1.68 meter head, slender figure, black hair tied up, appears natural and generous, shy with excitement, gentle with strong.She is the only laoshan front by yunnan front as “Laoshan war zone excellent signal troops” female soldiers Yu Ling.A girl from Ningxia in the northwest.October 1986.At the foot of the old mountain, in the thick forest.A small wooden house with a green camouflage net over its roof.One cable, one root by multiple lines from different directions “mountain climbing”, gathered here.Here is the central nerve of a command of the old mountain front – telephone station.Commanders’ resolutions, operational arrangements, changes in enemy conditions, and successful news are all transferred and conveyed here.The hot sun is like fire.The machine room is hot, stuffy, like a steamer, like an oven.Bean sweat from head to head on the tip of the hair, on the tip of the nose, the ear root “tada, tada” to fall down, the clothes on the back of a wet, machine board was also “sweat rain” wet.Yu Ling sat in front of the machine, hands like shuttle, answer like water.At this time, the “October 19” battle has started, the front artillery is carrying out comprehensive suppression of the Vietnamese army, a gun roar, shells flew to the enemy.”Report, enemy fortifications at X heights have been blown down.””Report, 8 enemy killed in position X.”…Reports and orders are issued and transmitted by switchboard through all lines.At that time, Yu received 12 calls a minute on average, more than double the usual number.”Artillery support!””Good!”Plug the plug, press the board key, no response, press the bell flow generator, hit the hand generator, no answer.Line failure!Change a way, impassability!Another way, not yet!”The line has been blown out, I will give you from the detour.””Yes, quick!The artillery commander’s hurried voice came through the earphones.”Operator?Take the battery.””Line down.”…Even dialed 4 switchboards, but did not get through, what to do?The battle call is urgent. Yu Ling knows very well what a delay of one second means. Yes, through the switchboard through the underground cable.When she finally got through, she turned off the monitor button and heaved a sigh of relief when she heard the artillery commander’s loud and decisive command.This all happened in 10 seconds.By this time, Yu Ling had worked for 16 hours without touching her teeth.She endured and persevered.The company commander sent for her replacement, but she wouldn’t leave.The instructor brought her a glass of sweetened water, and she didn’t even have time to sip.Just before the war, the army had just received a warning that all the female soldiers of the company should stay behind. Yu Ling got the news out of nowhere and came to the company commander “through the back door” to ask her to go to the front.The company commander was confused.The next day, she took a few women soldiers collective to plead for war, claiming not to promise to go to laoshan.The company commander looked at the “women detachment”, who were fully armed and standing in front of the company, and finally said, “You women soldiers, I’m convinced!”At this point, the battle is over, Yu Ling was changed down, she just walked out of the room door, almost fainted in the ground.She was too tired.Just after the battle, the head of the artillery headquarters, the representative of the assault team and the commander of the artillery battalion came to the telephone station to comfort the signal soldiers who participated in the battle, and specifically asked to see no.03.That evening, the Yunnan front sent a congratulatory telegram, highly appraised the intelligence, flexibility, courage and tenacity of the signalmen.A few days later, the order came down, Yu Ling was awarded the third-class merit.After the war, a reporter asked her how she felt.”A philosopher once said that war has no gender,” she said. “It needs strong men and strong women soldiers.”The reporter hurriedly took out a notebook, “please speak slowly, who is this philosopher?””You need not remember, the philosopher is me – Yu Ling.”Once, Diao Peize, minister of the Communications Department of the General Staff, went to the front to check and visit the signalmen.In yunnan, in front of the army group, he had already heard reports about the heroic signalman of this unit.To the communications department, the minister picked up the phone: “please XX position.”Communication section chief Wen Xizhou clear, this is the enemy’s nearest position, to pass through four telephone stations, two carrier stations.The front refers to a staff looked at chief Wen, chief Wen confidently nodded, meaning no problem.”Commander, the position is about to pass. Speak up.”The voice is clear and the call effect is excellent.Back and forth in 6 seconds!The old minister smiled on his face, nodded with satisfaction, and said to the switchboard, “Boy, that’s good!What’s your number?””03.03 is Yu Ling’s work number.Yu Ling is skilled, is usually hard work.She got up an hour earlier in the morning and memorized troop numbers.Practice plugging, climbing pole wear liberation shoes;I sleep in bed at night, and the pictures of circuits hang in my head like spiderwebs.Hard work pays off, she finally practiced excellent technology, known as “brain power live, hand skill fast, ear power, mouth power clear” of the guard.In the 1980s, “Shanggan Mountain”, the soldiers guarding here are all male, known as “male kingdom”.But this day, the men each stretched their necks, staring at the sweating opposite sex climbing the position, as if suddenly discovered a visitor from heaven.They are Yu Ling, Zhang Shuwen and Zhou Zuoying, all girls from Ningxia.They are not only responsible for the switchboard, but also always want to do something for their comrades on the front line.After several requests, they performed to their comrades on the battlefield.The soldiers crouched on the ground and watched the performance of the three girls.The main peak position, echoed with Yu Ling’s clear singing.There is a nasty-minded male soldier, to female guard the aircraft member wrote a pair of couplets: crying laughter noise sound harsh;Proud, delicate and childish.Hengpi is “Miss Daughter”.No wonder, though they were in uniform, they could not hide their delicate figures and childish faces.At this time, yu Ling, who had been deputy monitor, saw the antithetical couplet.She wanted to fight this tone, let the male soldiers to correct the couplet.The advance team advance to the position, the need for a few guards to be responsible for communications support, the company had already decided to go to several male soldiers, Yu Ling and two partners scrambled to go, did not get approval, they went to the company to grab the task.Repairing the machine room, she led the female soldier class, under the scorching sun, stone, sand more than 1,000 meters deep at the bottom of the mountain piece by piece, one basin, hand worn, leg broken, just seven days ahead of the task, half a day earlier than the men.”81″ section of the wine table, the male soldiers came to “wine on heroes”, the results in the “good brothers” Shouting, was helped out.In the fierce and cruel battle, she had eaten steamed bread dipped in soy sauce, nibbled on green onion cake, drank boiled water and vinegar, drink soup made into salt.Finally, she and her partners took action to change the couplet.The male soldier wrote: Laughter, song, and joy;Ambition morale masculinity is valuable;Hengpi is a heroine.Or that cute male soldier himself put it up!