Envy of women’s football?China’s men’s soccer team has “won” again: an unusual appearance at the Opening ceremony of the Winter Olympics

2022-06-16 0 By

Unexpectedly, the Chinese men’s national football team also participated in the opening ceremony of the Beijing Winter Olympics.The long-awaited opening ceremony of the 2022 Winter Olympics has finally kicked off on The start of spring on February 4, Beijing time, and the image of the wind blowing through the grass has instantly evoked memories of spring.The opening ceremony not only cleverly integrated the start of Spring, a traditional Chinese solar term, but also seamlessly presented Chinese poetry culture to millions of viewers.Below this “the water of the Yellow River from heaven” ingenious idea, really ingenious, people praise.In addition to these Chinese cultural elements, to the surprise of many Chinese fans, the opening ceremony included Chinese football elements, especially Chinese men’s football.As the opening ceremony progressed, careful viewers may find that dozens of young people from all over the world “headed for the future together” in the program, their behind a variety of pictures.In these pictures, there are Chinese football elements – two photos of Chinese men’s football team.(Above) is the second picture of four Young Chinese players playing together.The other is a training shot of CSL club players (below).The Chinese men’s football team is out of the ring!A rare appearance at the Opening ceremony of the Winter Olympics, though only in photo form, was a far cry from the treatment of Su Bingtian, the “Asian 100-meter flying man” who carried the torch in person.But that’s enough!Who is the lucky Chinese Super League club?The answer is here.Lu Mi, a reporter from Football Newspaper, wrote happily on her social media platform: “I am so happy to see the training photos of chongqing Liangjiang Athletic players at the opening ceremony of the Winter Olympics.”Envy of women’s football?Although the women’s team had a better record than the men’s, the men’s team won again — in an unusual way at the opening ceremony of the Winter Olympics.Shui qingxia’s team had just knocked out two-time defending champions Japan to reach the final of the Asian Women’s Cup, avenging their loss to the Japanese in the round of 12 a week earlier.China’s second straight loss in a week, first to Japan and then to last-place Vietnam, shattered fans’ acceptance.In this situation, some fans said in the comment area, “It would be perfect to change the pictures of the women’s football team”, “after losing like that, how dare you post pictures of the men’s football team?Hair female foot is bad?”Yes, the Chinese women’s football team deserves to be in the opening ceremony of the Winter Olympics more than the men’s!But the fans are understandably confused. Perhaps the Posting of the photos is to better inspire the Chinese men’s football team to put aside their burdens and forge ahead.Of course, the picture of chongqing Liangjiang Athletic team also contains another meaning, is this team has been so fans worry about the team, keep hope?Maybe that’s what really makes journalists happy.The appearance of Chinese Super League elements in the opening ceremony of the Winter Olympic Games is a kind of inspiration and encouragement to Chinese football, especially The Chinese men’s football team, including the Chinese Super League and the Chinese Super League team. Despite the difficulties, as long as we carry forward the indomitable Olympic spirit, victory is at hand.Winter is almost over, can spring be far behind?