Interpretation of Camry 2.5s Feng Shang version, large self-absorption + love 8AT, selling price 219,800, fragrant?

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The Camry beat the Accord to take the top spot in class sales in 2021 with 217,724 units, and “one in two minutes” has become a short-term buzzword in recent B-class marketing campaigns.Without further ado, let’s take a look at why Toyota’s B-Class is selling so well, with an official price tag of 219,800 yuan (us $3,800) for the 2021 Camry 2.5S Model with a sporty design.Appearance design on the front design, v-shaped stomatal logo decorative strip, X-shaped intake grille integral layout, layered front bumper spoiler front lip, and the use of spoiler panel decoration of the bilateral guide hole structure, the design of the movement of the front version is more personal in the vision.And when dealing with the frame structure, the fluctuation of camry’s edges and angles also enhances the light and shadow effect here.As a whole, the young degree of the locomotive is relatively high.Headlamp design, the sharp headlamp uses the style of inside wide and outside narrow, integrated style of high beam layout on the outside, using LED light source and double light lens design;And inside is daytime running light, show the width light and the turn signal below, these 3 groups of lighting lamp group all use light band style, the visual meeting will contain avant-garde feeling.The headlights also offer front LED fog lamps, adaptive near-far light and adjustable height.On the side design, pillar A and pillar B are all black spraying, and pillar C is two-color spraying, which creates A special suspension roof style for the vehicle.The front face connection of the middle waist line runs through the door handle, and the one above the taillight is concave and convex with the rear waist line.In addition, its side is also an independent side skirt, which is conducive to the independence of the vehicle collision avoidance.In the rear design, the hood offers a short black rear wing, while four metal tailpipes on both sides, a rear bumper diffuser structure and a longitudinal rear diversion hole under the taillights are all part of the front style sport kit.In terms of taillight design, the flat structure is compressed to be slender, and its internal lamp cavity mirror is similar to the ancient War kopi. Because the brake lamp, the outline lamp and the turn signal lamp are differentiated by different colors, the lighting reminding effect presented is commendable.Interior design of the central control design, suspension touch screen and the central console are separated by staggered surrounded decorative structure, most of the operation of vehicle functions can be completed on the touch and corresponding surrounded decorative board.The copilot side will be surrounded by a more three-dimensional decoration, the shift mechanism to maintain an independent gear, the steering wheel is the use of dual-zone control design, and in addition to the left side of the steering wheel lighting adjustment, but also to operate body stability, automatic start and stop and other commonly used systems.In terms of decorative materials, the central control panel is mainly made of hard plastic panels, while the suspension screen and the corresponding console are covered with piano paint panels. The zigzag surrounding frame is made of metal chrome plating. We can also find smooth panels with textures and soft packages with stitching in the adjacent area here.Most of the leather in the cabin will be used to cover the steering wheel, armrest and seats, which will be mixed with artificial leather and leather.On-board systems, the camry in the 10.1 -inch touchscreen with tencent on-board interconnected system, it can in addition to the complete navigation, call, voice, car, and other functions, also provides WeChat car version, and can implement a variety of interactive function via voice, at the same time, enjoy FengYunYue also there will be 3 years free flow more remote snatched functions,In addition, functions can be updated through OTA online upgrade.In terms of on-board configuration, Camry has 10 standard airbags, and provides lane departure warning, lane keeping assistance, active braking, and reversing image system with front and rear radar in assist driving (the first three are TSS 2.5 Zihong safety system).The DRCC dynamic radar cruise control system can also be used in the full speed domain.In terms of cars, the vehicle will be adapted to electric sunroof, co-driver seat boss key, front acoustic glass, partition temperature control air conditioning and HUD display system, etc.In terms of cabin space, the 4900/1840/1455mm camry, supported by a 2825mm wheelbase, can provide 1 punch of headroom in front and rear seats, and more than 2 punch of leg room in the rear seats (the height of the experiential is 176cm).As for the trunk, camry can also fit three different sizes of trolley boxes simultaneously in an interactive horizontal and vertical layout.Mechanical powertrain, camry 2.5S Front Edition is equipped with an A25 series 2.5L naturally aspirated engine, which provides a maximum power of 154kW(209Ps) and a maximum torque of 250N·m, and provides an Icin 8AT transmission in the transmission.The combined fuel consumption of NEDC can be achieved as low as 6.0L/100km, while the overall performance output is biased towards smoothness.Chassis suspension, the front axle of the vehicle is equipped with the common Macpherson independent suspension, but the rear axle is equipped with double fork arm independent suspension (also known as E type multi-link independent suspension), which can provide better transverse support effect than the traditional torsion beam or multi-link structure, so that the vehicle is more robust in dynamic driving.Gac Toyota Camry is able to win the top spot in the B-class car market with increasing competitive pressure. On the one hand, it benefits from the avant-garde sporty motion design language implemented in the last generation, and on the other hand, it pays more attention to the active and passive safety specifications of vehicles.Through SRS airbag and TSS safety system, it can meet the needs of current drivers.Of course, the Dynamic Force series engine and the Aixin-hand automatic transmission brought by the TNGA architecture platform also guarantee its comprehensive strength in terms of power performance and efficiency, which has become a key to the victory of Camry.