Jilong, Xizang: “Guard the gate and protect the city”

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Jilong, Tibet: “Guard the gate and protect the city.” Lhasa, February 1 (Gong Tao, Ximu)The Spring Festival is the most important traditional festival in Chinese people’s heart. It means to bid farewell to the old year and usher in the New Year, and family reunion.While thousands of families gather to watch the Spring Festival Gala and eat a warm dinner on New Year’s Eve, one group of people still stands firm in front of the country.In the early morning of The New Year’s Eve, jilong Entry-Exit border inspection station has been busy, hanging lanterns, pasting Spring Festival couplets, decorating the stage for theatrical performances, and decorating the camp with decorations full of “New Year flavor”, so that the policemen stationed at the front line can truly feel the festive atmosphere of the camp.The picture shows the police pasting paper-cuts in the sun room of the Geelong Border Control Station.On Gong Tao’s New Year’s Eve, of course, there was a delicious dinner. All the policemen and their families gathered together and ate the delicious dinner, wishing each other well and encouraging each other.With a song “Gong Xi Fa CAI” opened the prelude of the party, high singing, cheerful dancing and activities of the scene interlated fun game “beat the drum spread flower” “step on the balloon” “Idiom solitarong” and other programs took turns to appear, the party atmosphere instantly pushed to a climax, won the audience cheers.”This year is the first time FOR me to spend the Spring Festival in the police camp.” After the dinner, Xu Gaoshan, a new police officer at the station, said that he used to spend the New Year’s Eve at home with his parents eating the dinner and watching the Spring Festival Gala, enjoying the services of his family.But this year I became an immigration police officer, and it is my responsibility to guard the country and the border area.The picture shows the scene of the New Year’s Eve dinner at the Geelong Border control station.”I traveled 3,000 kilometers just to spend the Spring Festival with him, so that he can work in peace, no matter how much I pay, it’s worth it,” said Ma Ting, police sister-in-law of Gong Tao.Police Xu Changfei and Ma Ting married two people gather less away from more, can only pass the phone and video each other miss, originally planned to go home this year to accompany his wife, but because of the epidemic and work needs to disrupt his plan, resulting in can not go home for the New Year.His wife, Ma Ting, decided to travel to Jilong by car from Yunnan province to spend the Spring Festival with her husband, in order to have a warm Spring Festival with her husband.In fact, there are a lot of police who can’t go home during the Spring Festival, but for them, “give up the small home, take care of everyone”, put the “missing” in the pocket, put the responsibility on the shoulder, this is the best interpretation of wearing Tibetan blue.Sincere blessings and good wishes, happy laughter resounded through the whole JingYing, let originally the silent JingYing no longer alone, through the activities during the festival, alleviate the pressure line of police on duty, and enhance the relationship between the colleague, powerful uplifting the spirit of police fight, built the JingYing warmth, joy, peace and the festive mood.Source: Chinanews.com