Take the “Nanjiang Guangwu Mountain” ice and snow tourism boutique route to welcome the Winter Olympics

2022-06-16 0 By

Sichuan News network news (reporter Zhang Yunhan) “participate in the 2022 Winter Olympic Games, all the people skiing to go.”During the Spring Festival, bring your relatives and friends to nanjiang Guangwu Mountain to participate in the development of ice and snow tourism, share the achievements of tourism development, and celebrate the New Year with joy.It is reported that Nanjiang County has been listed as an ice and snow tourist destination among the 10 national ice and snow tourism routes with the theme of “building a dream of ice and snow · Accompanying the Winter Olympics”.Nanjiang invites citizens and friends to play in the “winter fireworks · Southern Snow Land” boutique line, along the snow and ice tourist point guangwu Mountain dam ski resort can not be missed.The route experience forms are glacier photography, skiing, snow and ice entertainment, snowmobile, mountaineering……And so on.(Photo: Nanjiang Rong Media Center) Snow scenery of Guangwu Mountain in Nanjiang