The strength of the world, the day of chang Yan

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Yuan Heng, submersible dragon do not use the saying there is a cloud, dragon swim shoals by shrimp play, tiger fall pingyang dog deceit.Although how many hero personage ever all-powerful, however all corners of the country is dangerous, the heart is more dangerous, once set foot on all corners of the country road, everywhere be like treading on thin ice, after all hard to avoid encounter hero end of the road.Therefore, easy in the cloud, qianlong do not use, not can not use also, need to be used with caution.The road to success step by step thorns, the situation is turbulent and treacherous, all the heroes look covetously, a step off the game all lose.And people’s feelings are more correct, the world’s common more false, each other cheat, how can all believe?The world is as strong as it is strong, the sky is as strong as it is strong. However, the world is changeable and the way of heaven is reincarnation. The first rule of existence is to know yourself well.Jun does not hear Han Xin can endure the insult, but do not know how to quit, although high cover the Lord, but because of a aphasia, suffered the bad luck of rabbit.However, proficient in the way of Huang Lao Zhang Liang, although stratege, left policy into the pass, battle of wisdom hongmen, the next city of qi, win at thousands of miles away, but not love power, can avoid the butcher’s knife, get to enjoy his old age.The strong for respect, disrespect is the seedling officer heavy unavoidably arrogant, once provoked by the wind, anger and rain, will cause birds qi, the following offenders will be its plague.As the old saying goes, a gentleman does not stand behind a wall, wisdom cannot take the place of strength, the sage does not show his wisdom, and the weak need to wait for an opportunity to show their weakness and confuse the strong.To advance by retreating is not to respect the strong, but to cherish his wings and protect himself.