Box office over 700 million!How many actors are in Jackson Yi’s new film?Golden Horse award winners can only play supporting roles

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One of the most surprising films of this year’s Lunar New Year season is “Miracle: The Stupid Kid,” starring Jackson Yi.Although this work is not suitable for the Spring Festival with a family atmosphere in terms of subject matter, it has to be said that the cooperation between the new generation of powerful yi Yangqianxi and dark horse director Wen Muye has become the biggest gimmick to attract the audience.The film’s box office performance did not disappoint us, grossing over 700 million yuan within seven days of its release.In the film, Yi Yangqianxi once again contributes his gifted acting. His role as Jing Hao is set in a complicated way, being both the elder brother and the factory manager, but these two attributes are different from what we understand.When the elder brother is both father and mother, when the factory director is the youngest age to support the field, the role of the difficulties we face can be imagined.However, the success of a film is not only attributed to the director and the lead actors. Every actor in the film, as well as every member of the production team, is the key to the success of the film.Jackson Yi’s new film also has a lot of acting talent in it. Even golden Horse Award winners can only play supporting roles.In these outstanding supporting roles, there are three main categories, one is the “Dying to Survive” actors, one is the comedy, and one is the real.Wen Muye with “I am not dying to Survive” out of the circle, the high level of the work so that Wen Muye is not afraid of the new director label.Meanwhile, zhang Yu and Wang Chuanjun are also widely recognized by the audience for their work.Zhang Yu plays the role of Huang MAO, although unlike the actors and stars we are familiar with, has a high level of appearance that makes people forget, but he successfully opened a new realistic acting route, so that the actors in the film and television circle more diverse and rich.After dying to Survive, Zhang Yu also starred in many quality works, this time with Wen Muye again cooperation, is also set off a wave of memories of the audience.Zhang Yu as the more elder brother is a typical cold outside hot inside, to a person’s care is often hidden in his anger.In dying to Survive, he completely got rid of the magic label of Sekiya, and this time in Miracle · Stupid Child, his brief appearance also successfully interprets a proud and wearing color eyes to look at people.Comedy actors: Wang Ning, Xu Juncong comedy actors earlier in the work is also mainly comedy, in this film, the most eye-catching comedy actors than Wang Ning and Xu Juncong.Wang ning continues to portray his usual characters in an ordinary, even dull way.But such a small figure and Wang Ning’s suitability to achieve full marks, in “Miracle · Stupid Child”, his role also constantly to the audience to emphasize the ordinary and ordinary characters.But the more such a role, the more easy to let the audience feel ordinary people’s pursuit and yearning for a better life, the same warm.And Xu Juncong is completely long in the audience laugh at the actor, early in the film before the release of the film, Xu Juncong just because of his appearance to laugh at Yi Jackson xi.And Xu Juncong’s role in the film is to create a variety of jokes, the tone of the appearance, always out of the situation, but also really let the audience feel relaxed when seeing this role.In addition, there are also supporting actors Tian Yu and Qi Xi.Tian Yu played the role of Uncle Liang in the film and its previous interpretation of the role has a certain similarity, there are its good man side.But the difference is that this time, Tian Yu does not deliberately emphasize the comic sense of the characters.Although Uncle Liang has a funny side, he is unambiguous and sober enough.It is the characteristics of this character, coupled with the optimistic grandpa set, and Yi Yangqianxi played serious male hero formed a certain sense of contrast.Both the characters in the film and Tian Yu’s own acting can be called the strongest support of the film.Qi Xi, who won the Best Newcomer award at the Golden Horse Awards for Lou Ye’s “Floating City”, plays Wang Chunmei in the film, reversing her image.Not only does she look like a woman, but the tenacity of the character is similar to that of many women who face difficulties in real life and struggle to survive.Qi Xi’s acting skills are certainly not to be underestimated, and as one of the few female characters in Wonder, She plays a crucial role.Her acting makes the character very life-like, and her tough voice adds a tragic color to the character, but she is still full of warmth.The film uses comedy to counteract the depressing tone and make the audience laugh during the movie.And the success of the film is inseparable from these outstanding supporting actors.