Start | is new card passenger car tire tiger force fully open

2022-06-17 0 By

2022 has been a new start, the policy level of many places to hammer out 2022 investment projects, infrastructure construction has been put forward to drive economic growth powerful measures, become an important starting point for economic and social development, followed by transportation demand will also be synchronized growth, commercial vehicle tire market can be expected to usher in demand growth.At the beginning of the spring of the Year of the Tiger, is the new truck tire dealers throughout the country to actively carry out meetings, seize the market opportunities, to Jiangsu, Hebei, Henan, Shandong as the representative of the dealer meeting to win the ground, channel customers strongly support, on-site sales orders a success, a total of more than 60 million yuan, leading the New Year tiger force all open!Is the new marketing director for passenger cars and commercial tyres Li Qingdong power products for the past year, represented by CR600 is new card passenger car tire star product, in different regions, different market segments win public praise and trust from the driver to the user, transportation industry endorsed at the same time, and light trucks overloaded tires leading technology, excellent quality, won the trust and respected for a channel partner.Excellent product lineup, at the conference site to obtain hot orders.In the New Year, relying on the R & D strength of Zhengxin Group, Zhengxin truck and bus tires will continue to optimize and upgrade, create more quality products that better meet the market demand, and help dealers and channel partners to market sales.Technical service in order to match the diversity of market demand and road conditions, the New Year, is new card passenger car tire technical service team, will further strengthen the market service ability, for every protect transportation safety, also in order to further make good products accumulated more market feedback, let more card bus driver users enjoy peace of mind of products and high quality technical services.Is introduced new card passenger car tire regional manager annual sales planning is new card passenger car tire senior r&d engineer to introduce product planning in the New Year, is a new technology into new products, fine get 100% customers trust, at the same time, the national regional distributor meeting is for the fiery, believes the new journey, is the new card passenger car tire will tiger full-on, create brilliant!