Today | “people FaYuanBao” post, remembering the revitalization of a line of his in the country

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On April 3, 2022, the People’s Court Newspaper launched a special edition to remember, pay tribute and inherit deeply mourn the court policemen who sacrificed their precious lives for the people’s judicial cause in 2021.On November 8, 2021, Zhang Ichun, the former first secretary of Dawa Village and leader of the rural revitalization Task force of Xinzhou Central Hospital in Liujiata Town, Hequ County, died in Xinzhou due to sudden cerebral hemorrhage after multiple rescue treatment. He was only 50 years old and fell on the journey of rural revitalization forever.Length 09:00 01 before he had time to say goodbye to it silently keep life in this special “battlefield” five years ago, he volunteered to poverty engines and rural revitalization of a line of relatives said he always put work as the first fellow said he is really a good secretary for the people “colleague said he always give honor to young people at the age of fifty he hasn’t had enough time to say goodbye to silently will stay in lifeThis special “battlefield” (Zhang Lichun (second from right) and rural village, the discussion of the “two committees” revitalization of the meter) 02 we hand fondle hot sends his June 2021 is already the second residency expires will Zhang Lichun again volunteered as a former merchant first secretary of the village and the country revitalization of team leader “when my son’s mouth hung is a meander in meander call him he say”Said Zhang Lichun mother tears when” induction time that day is my dad in a few days to accompany me to go to a medical but he looked at me but not to work “speak of the father daughter obsessively tears streamed down the water washing a face” condition is also very hard here all need yourself into the cellar “hequ Liu Jiada town former merchant village accounting Liu Gentian face mournfully remembering and Zhang Lichun past” a bookRemember called us to plan the development of the village castor silkworm selenium-rich cereals he often said that the former Dawa village can not change the appearance of he will not go, “Hequ County Liujiata town before Dawa village branch secretary Liu Fufu said,” the village 170″Feng Lezhu, the first secretary of the Hequ Poverty Alleviation Task Force dispatched by Xinzhou Central Hospital, said that he used his short life to practice the clanging oath when he joined the Party in 2017.Before he took full command to merchant village does not forget the beginner’s mind, keep in mind that the mission is the picture of his life with ordinary but extraordinary life interpretation of life that moved left loyalty, heavy enthusiasm burst guanghua Zhang Lichun practice of the party comrades in his short life clank of the oath for type and dutiful life value when the tomb sweeping day to remember,Let us pay tribute to the firm belief in the rule of law in the memory of the continuation of efforts to meet the 20th victory of the Party with excellent results held!Editor: Guo Lin Source: People’s Court Daily, Shanxi High Court