With the support of science and technology and the special supply of ice and snow, Master Kong wants to carry out the “instant noodle revolution”?

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The Winter Olympics are not only about competition, but also about eating.As the Black Forest Winter Olympics draws to a close, one of the most authentic Chinese snacks with the strongest flavor — the Chinese leek box suddenly becomes popular.Gu Ailing, the “genius girl” who attracted much attention, took out a pancake and opened it to eat after her second ski jump on Thursday.Foreign media interview after the race, Gu Ailing opened the grass mode: leek box!Very good!100% recommended!As a result, the Chinese leek box hit the domestic hot list, foreign netizens also communicated with the English translation of the Chinese leek box, and the authoritative media also solemnly wrote the Chinese leek + fans stuffing into the press release.Wang Meng, a former member of the National short track speed skating team, speculated that there may not be a chives box in the Olympic Village, but Gu’s mother and grandmother are from Beijing. They may have brought the box to the Olympic village specially and were greedy to see it.Authentic, delicious and healing, traditional Chinese snacks and modern sports meet in the most intimate scene of ice and snow.Food is everywhere, from the leek box in front of the cameras to the 678 dishes menu in the Olympic Village that took three years and six revisions to create for the world’s athletes.Chinese and Western dishes, national consideration, nutrition and health, full flavor of the New Year, a week is not the same, not only greedy cry of the majority of users, but also let the athletes of all countries enjoy the field in the field of dripping dripping and eating.The American athletes ate more than 200 dumplings, the Dutch athletes fell in love with malatang, the Maltese athletes only love doubao, even the robot making tea and wine attracted so many fans, no wonder the Olympic Committee president Bach personally praised.In The same winter Olympics town of Chongli, another menu that has stood the test of time and taste buds is also helping China’s ice and snow industry in a scientific way.There is a famous saying in A Bite of China that high-end ingredients often require only the most understated cooking methods.On the hearth, the blue flames danced, the boiling water in the pot rolled, the heat wave rose white mist, and the bright and rich soup poured over the tender meat and the smooth noodles, and a bowl of delicious noodles came out of the pot in a smooth and smooth operation.This is the scene in the back kitchen of Master Kong’s Champion canteen in Chongli, where Lao Chen, the chef, is cooking simple but unusual noodles in the simplest way.As the saying goes, dumplings are made on the second day of the first day. For Chinese people, noodles are the strongest flavor of the New Year.Since its opening on January 29, from New Year’s Eve to The Lantern Festival, the staff of Master Kong Champion Canteen has been providing all kinds of delicious dishes, nutritious vegetables and fruits and all kinds of Master Kong products free of charge under strict closed-loop management.For more than two weeks, Chen and his team cooked in the central kitchen while master Kong food Ambassadors, who were in charge of delivery, traveled to and from the country, doing their best to provide delicious and nutritious meals for ice volunteers and China’s ice workers.As the event falls on a traditional festival, a large number of journalists, volunteers and other staff were unable to get together with their families on this special New Year’s Eve.Good for everybody the most authentic festival atmosphere, master kong champion cafeteria prepared a hearty food and a variety of pasta, as is the way with dinner, let the snow and ice in the event a line workers can meet from make dumplings on New Year’s eve, family reunion dinner, watch Spring Festival gala, and then to the fifteenth day of the first, and eat yuanxiao dumplings, degree, contributing to China’s ice and snow cause ourselves together.In order to strictly abide by the closed-loop epidemic prevention regulations of the ice and snow festival and meet the needs of more people as much as possible, Master Kong also launched a mini program for ordering food in champion Canteen, which is convenient and fast.In addition to the classic braised beef noodle menu, you’ll find a selection of frozen cooked noodles: Lanzhou pulled noodles, spicy beef noodle, Chongqing characteristic split noodle, kimchi cheese udon, curry udon and hot and sour noodle mix. There’s a small selection that will suit most people’s tastes both at home and abroad.As the latest product of Master Kong, frozen cooked noodles adopt vacuum blending technology to make wheat flour absorb water in a short time, making the noodles taste more smooth and delicate. Moreover, advanced freezing technology can freeze noodles to -20℃ in 20 minutes, locking the fresh taste.Thanks to this, a bowl of noodles can be served in 40 seconds, which is fast and convenient, and the cooking methods and tastes are more diversified. Only in this way can the fast pace meet the needs of every stomach with different tastes and the same need for warmth.From the choice of ingredients to the variety of dishes and delivery methods, every detail of the event has been refined.Chef Lao Chen knows this all too well.Because in master Kong noodle restaurant, he is worthy of the “veteran”.In the past six years, where Chinese athletes have been fighting, where Master Kong noodle restaurant has been opened, chef Chen has been sticking to it.This global ice and snow festival at home is Chen’s cooking in Rio, Brazil and double 叒 once to support China’s sports cause. It is also the second time after Pyeongchang that he guards the hard-won authentic Taste of Chinese New Year in the noodle restaurant.As master Kong has been committed to promoting the development of healthy diet for many years.After hearing about the opening of Master Kong Champion Canteen, many people from sports circles at home and abroad and retired ice and snow stars came to visit us specially.After tasting the black science and technology full of ice and snow customized products, many people sincerely feel that China’s ice and snow sports dietary security is not what it used to be.”This was unimaginable before!A retired veteran ice and snow athlete said.Competitive sports, in addition to the competition on the field, are also the competition of eating off the field, for dietary nutrition is a key component of scientific training.Competitive sports challenge human limits and consume water, minerals, dietary fiber, carbon and water energy in the body with high intensity. The nutrition mechanism is interlinked and ultimately determines the difference between winning and losing in milliseconds.In 2007, At the 6th Asian Winter Games held in Jilin province, Chinese skiing star Wang Chunli lost the gold medal of women’s cross-country skiing in the short distance because of consecutive competitions and the sudden drop in temperature.Wang Chunli’s regret is not uncommon in the development history of China’s ice and snow sports, which can be attributed to the particularity of winter sports.Compared with other events, the extremely cold environment of ice and snow will cause drastic changes in the nutrition metabolism of human body, and the stressed body has higher requirements for energy and nutrition supply, putting forward more stringent standards for dietary security.The locations of snow and ice competitions are often remote, with complex terrain and great weather changes, which increase the difficulty of energy and nutrition supply, highlighting the lag of sports dietary security in China.In addition, in addition to solving the problem of taste and the basic needs of large energy, high nutrition and convenience of daily training competition, sports diet is also facing the test of doping problems and other checkpoints, one careless mistake may regret for life.To echo the undertakings of physical culture and sports to the guarantee of dietary urgent demand in China, starting in 2016, kang teacher explore actively, on the one hand actively sponsored marathon, successfully introduced monkey unique nutritional diet culture, and gradually extended to the volleyball, basketball and other sports dietary field, hand in hand, on the other hand is associated with sports, aerospace department constantly explore the innovation of science and technology cooperation,Promote China’s convenience food industry to catch up with the world’s advanced.This benefits from master Kong’s profound product innovation background.As early as 2015, Tingyi invested 500 million yuan to build a joint Innovation research and development center in Shanghai. Equipped with a team of up to 3,000 people, tingyi can carry out 3.5 million inspections and tests on more than 1,500 indicators every year, covering 248 anti-doping banned substances, and has a systematic food research and development function and safety testing system.Formed to assume the strength of the new generation of sports nutrition diet of Chinese sports corps.In 2019, the Winter Sports Center of the General Administration of Sport of China set up a team to solve the problem of food supply for ice and snow sports. With years of support for sports, Tingyi Was selected successfully and soon launched the first generation of ice and snow customized product — Suda Noodle Restaurant, which delivered half a million pieces in three years, filling the gap in China.After two years of ice and snow competition, the two products of the second generation champion canteen series have more reasonable calorie intake and lower fat intake, and provide high-quality protein with beef brain meat.Among them, high energy beef nutrition surface increases muscle, light eating beef nutrition powder control weight, fast recovery of physical strength, but also control body fat, maintain the best competitive state.In addition, the low GI (glycemic index) feature of champion dining Hall series can also improve sports endurance, and the rich dark leafy vegetables supplement the consumption of nutrients such as vitamin B1, vitamin B2 and niacin by high-intensity exercise, which directly improves the performance on the field and has been recognized by professional sports nutrition experts in China.In order to achieve this series of high indicators, Master Kong product research and development team conducted dozens of formula adjustment, product proofing more than 200 times, only under heavy checks, ice and snow athletes at ease, rest assured.All this is for the Chinese sports no longer leave regret, but also master Kong’s constant brand background.Gathering the world’s top ice and snow masters, the games is not only a competitive stage, but also a grand ceremony of the brand.With the holding of this year’s ice and snow festival and the implementation of the policy call of “attracting 300 million people to participate in ice and snow sports”, the whole nation has aroused enthusiasm for ice and snow. From clothing, food, housing and transportation to sports goods, from stadium construction to cultural and creative surrounding, tourism and catering, the big health industry including sports and fitness has achieved rapid development.Among them, master Kong, as a national brand protecting and spreading traditional food culture, is a model of perseverance and wholehearted support for Chinese sports.Chef Chen remember, six years ago in Rio, due to different soil customs and even the fire rules, big to at the beginning of the preparation of location, government, health, fire permit, clearance of ingredients, the tableware of small to find suitable for Chinese habit, master kong, by any means to get it to noodle shop open smoothly to the far-away Brazil, already brought home, also spread Chinese food culture.Two years later, they arrived in Pyeongchang, where the coldest temperatures in decades exacerbated their homesickness.For this reason, the New Year’s Eve dinner of Master Kong pyeongchang Noodle Restaurant, in addition to four chefs cooking and food supply by air, also invited clay figures and paper cutting artists, together with writing Spring Festival couplets, guessing lantern riddles and other traditional Chinese folk fun to alleviate the strong homesickness in the cold wind.Tokyo last year, the outbreak of sporting event after twists and turns, the chef Mr. Chen didn’t go into, but kang teacher Tokyo office combined with the local outbreak and epidemic prevention system, for the first time using big data O2O services, to create a unique “kang teacher Tokyo cloud noodle shop”, to reporters in Tokyo team, as well as Chinese supplies delivered hometown flavor and epidemic prevention, andGuarding the physical and mental health of the wanderers.From Rio to Beijing, Master Kong and support workers like Chef Chen have been known to support the development of Sports in China.Zhang Zheng, a reporter from Jilin Daily, has met master Kong noodle shop overseas again and again.In his first visit to Pyeongchang, he was deeply impressed by the New Year’s Eve dinner served by Master Kong noodle Restaurant. When he arrived in Tokyo, zhang zheng first thought of Master Kong when he was faced with the difficulty of eating in the complex epidemic situation.”Master Kong is always there for every competition.”Like Zhang zheng, this is a sentiment shared by many Chinese journalists who have come to cover the Beijing ice and snow festival.”For the past six years, I have focused on one thing: providing delicious meals for front-line workers and delivering the taste of China to ice sports.”Mr. Chen, the chef, speaks with pride.Behind this statement is master Kong’s thirty years of perseverance and unconditional support for the cause of Sports in China.In 1992, Ye Qiaobo competed in the 16th Ice and Snow Games with injury and won two silver MEDALS in 500m and 1000m speed skating, which made her a breakthrough in ice and snow games.It was in this year that Master Kong developed the first instant noodles and became an instant hit. Along the road of scientific and technological innovation, master Kong continued to iterate toward healthy and delicious products, leading the industry until today, it has become the partner of winter Sports Center. Only then did master Kong Champion Canteen, which protects authentic New Year’s flavor in snow and ice, come into being.Whether it is sports, food or epidemic prevention, science is the foundation and health is promoted.Thriving with ice sports and growing with Chinese sports, Master Kong has integrated Chinese people’s pursuit of health into the brand background, promoting the future-oriented commitment of “300 million people participating in ice sports”, and gradually becoming healthy and beautiful in real life, together with “happy diet and good life”.Welcome to pay attention, know the man of the moment, read the legend of military strategy.Copyright, all rights reserved.Some pictures from the network if involved in infringement, please contact to delete