A gift to those who are steadfast and brave!Long-distance MEDALS for cross-country skiing were presented at the closing ceremony of the Beijing Winter Olympics

2022-06-18 0 By

Modern Express news (reporter Wang Wei) On the evening of February 20, at the closing ceremony of the Beijing Winter Olympic Games, after the flags of each delegation and the entry of athletes, the medal ceremony of the long distance cross-country skiing was carried out. This is a gift for the perseverers and the brave, and it is also the tradition of the Winter Olympic Games.It is worth mentioning that in the Summer Olympics, the medal ceremony of the men’s and women’s marathon is also carried out at the closing ceremony, which is similar to the cross-country skiing long distance.The women’s 30km mass start (Free Technique) medal ceremony was the first to be presented. Norway’s Johjerger won the silver medal, followed by The United States’ Martina Diggins and Finland’s Nikkanen niskanen.Gold, silver and bronze MEDALS were presented and the Norwegian national anthem was played.Norway won 16 gold, eight silver and 13 bronze MEDALS and 37 overall, leading both the gold and medal count.Among them, Johaig was the first Olympic gold medal winner.Later, the men’s 50 km collective start (free technique) medal ceremony was held.The gold and silver MEDALS came from the Russian Olympic Team, Bolishunov and Yakimushkin, and the bronze medal went to Norway’s Kluger.