Half of cancer is killed?If discover cancer if not treated, can better after all?

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Mr. Li, a 67 – year – old still struggle in the work of a line, because home wares, 32, still not married son, so he didn’t want to rest, has always been at the site for three years in a row, but lung cancer was detected in January this year, or period, the doctor’s advice is admitted to the hospital as soon as possible, and to further determine whether accord with standard of surgery,To further determine how to control treatment.After many inquiries, Mr. Li also learned that if the surgical criteria were not met, a variety of comprehensive treatment modes such as radiotherapy and chemotherapy and targeted therapy might be selected in the later stage. It would be difficult to recover, but the survival time would be longer.The old couple produced serious disagreement on want not to treat, the wife’s opinion is no matter how much money should be treated, Lao Li feels that treatment should spend a lot of money for sure, after adding a lot of people got cancer, when not treated, it is ok that one treats instead of dead faster, that is not equivalent to cancer is “treated” dead?So Lao Li came quietly and left quietly.Why do some people think that cancer is a “cure”?1, the type of cancer mortality is higher with the continuous development of medical treatment, there are a lot of cancer is indeed can cure or “cure”, that is part of the cancer after treatment can achieve “survival with tumor”, but still have to admit, is that there are a lot of medicine is currently incurable cancer and even survival cannot guarantee for too long.Such as lung cancer, liver cancer, esophageal cancer, pancreatic cancer, leukemia, lymphoma and other top mortality cancer types, is simply called “executioner”, and lung cancer is one of the best, mortality and morbidity in recent years are ranked in the first place.2, most of the discovery is in the middle and late all diseases adapt to the principle of “early detection, early treatment”, the earlier the discovery, the disease has not developed to the point of irreparable, it is easier to control.But for one thing, many cancers have no obvious symptoms in their early stages;On the other hand, when people find a small problem, they do not take it seriously, and then they start to seek medical intervention when it becomes a big problem, which has become an obstacle to treatment.3, high treatment costs compared with ordinary diseases, cancer surgery, radiotherapy and chemotherapy need high costs, often tens of thousands of, which is unbearable for many families, plus can not guarantee recovery, so it is likely to be “empty” situation, so this is more people’s anxiety.It is precisely because of these realistic reasons that people often have concerns and complaints. Some people even say that “cancer is incurable, and you may live longer without treatment” and other similar wrong ideas.So do we need treatment or not?The purpose and effect of treatment?Currently, treatment can largely inhibit and slow down the development of cancer cells, allowing the disease to be relatively stable and progress more slowly, which will buy more time for patients.For example, with no intervention at all, survival in the middle and late stages of lung cancer may be only about a year, compared with about three years with aggressive treatment.What happens if you don’t intervene?No matter early or late cancer, if medical intervention is not completely carried out, the results can not be completely predicted, most of the three results will be: 1, death: cancer cells evolve and spread over time, and eventually disrupt the body organs and tissues, resulting in death.2, self-healing: to tell the truth, this is not completely impossible, but the probability is too low, more difficult than the jackpot, almost only one in 100,000, but also personal cancer type, physical quality, survival environment and diet environment and other aspects are related.3, pain: cancer is very painful, no matter whether it can be cured, through medical control at least as much as possible to reduce the pain, if completely ignored, during the pain is also very painful.In general, it is better to intervene as much as possible, if possible, in order to have a better chance of surviving.