How many cameras are evaluated? What camera does DPReview beard use?

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Chris Niccolls has two passions in life: fishing (and * fly-fishing) and cameras.He works two jobs, one for DPReview TV, of course, and the other, which is tied to his own passions — creating content for a local Fly-fishing tackle shop in Calgary (sometimes taking selfies, sometimes taking pictures for another host), reviewing gear and teaching classes.So, outside of DPReview TV, he actually makes videos more than he takes pictures, and he often needs to shoot outdoor (river) fishing scenes. His ideal camera is a video camera for outdoor use, and it’s not afraid of wind, snow, and ordinary splashing — the one he uses most is the Olympus E-M1 III.The lens is mainly 12-100 F4.He also noted that fishing videos are usually shot during the day, so there’s no need to worry about the low-light capabilities of the (M4/3) camera.At one point, he put the E-M1 III under the rear tire of a pickup truck (for unknown reasons) and drove the camera down in the hard mud.As a result, the lens hung (and it was a Sonlai 12-60), but the camera turned out to be fine, even the lens stuck (but left a mark), and I switched to another lens and was able to continue shooting until now.In addition to being waterproof and durable, Beard also likes the E-M1 III’s Live ND (electronic ND) feature because he’s already heavy enough with his fishing gear and doesn’t want to carry an extra tripod.With Live ND and Olympus’s excellent shock protection, you don’t need a tripod to create a slow door effect, as shown below — by the way, Beard’s work partner, Jordan, usually uses a monopod to stabilize the image when shooting DPReview TV.While reviewing the Leica M11, he didn’t want to take a monopod with him on a long trip to New York, so he chose an Olympus E-M1X for his videos because of its shock-proof body.As for the new Om-1 from Olympus, Beard didn’t think it was much of an improvement over the E-M1 III, and when he first started playing it, he thought it was a bit of a disappointment (so, it’s not Olympus/Om-1).Of course, he would still wait for the winter to pass and take the OM-1 to the river.So, even professionals who test cameras every day are not just looking for parameters;According to their actual needs, choose a camera suitable for their work (life) scene, may be the right way.* Fly fishing: Fly fishing.For more on Beard’s story, check out DPReview: