Melting, letter time, the city of | grand return to work, to speed up to deliver a better life

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Rongxin · City of Time with fervently hopes to start a beautiful new journey again, to continue the reputation with ingenuity and quality, and to reassure the owners with firm steps.In spring, rongxin · City of Time & Houxiaohe Primary School Rongxin Branch School resumed its work on April 7, 2022. All the staff are ready for the resumption of work and production in an all-round and orderly manner, and stride forward steadily on a new journey.When the spring breeze slowly all things compete, it is a good season to speed up the sprint, after careful preparation, to ensure the safety and orderly construction of each link.In April 2022, Rongxin · City of Time & Houxiaohe Primary School Rongxin Branch School will step into a new stage and join hands with all the project staff to challenge the new goals!To each rongxin · Time city owners timely cash in a good life.As the curtain of the resumption ceremony opened, the person in charge of Rongxin made an opening speech. He said that As the leader of quality real estate and the practitioner of better life service provider, Rongxin has always adhered to the principle of integrity, opened the frontier with quality, and provided owners with a more secure and assured better life.Influenced by the market environment and real estate regulatory policies, Rongxin · City of Time insists on the prevention and control of the epidemic and the resumption of work and production. It continues to check the quality of the construction site from the perspective of customers, controls the construction quality with strict requirements higher than customers’ standards, and achieves all indicators perfectly!I believe that with the return of spring, through the winter, the industry will also bloom in spring, ushered in the dawn of dawn.Safe production comprehensive deployment, build quality melting letter time, city & creek elementary school after melting, letter, now is in top condition, along with the return to work after each working procedure, construction quality, weaving effect, will serve as the top priority of this project, we have to grasp the production, schedule, and more to grasp the quality, safety, certainly will complete the task of making a room on schedule, to owner consign rest assured that the housing, housing quality.Ensure the orderly progress of our project, and jointly build rongxin · City of Time into the north of Taiyuan high quality residential market!Guaranteed delivery and quality, tree brand work, all subcontractors to meet under the premise of progress, more effort and energy to make the scene more processes all the quality of the construction, a reasonable and orderly arrangement of construction process, at the same time, the supervising units of the control and the quality of the construction site safety supervision, to ensure that the construction management, construction team, mechanical equipment, materials fully in place,And the good project safety, urge the project to build a solid construction safety production new defense line, the operation personnel each play their own roles, always adhering to high standards and strict requirements, with exquisite craftsmanship to treat every detail, steadily accelerate the construction of the project.Melt heart quality make fine working quality lead better life original intention does not change, with the journey.Melting letter, the city of time under the assignment can persist, seiko quality persistent hundreds details project controls, quality and safety to quality as the cornerstone and lifeline, remember the concept of continuously exceed customer expectations, in strict accordance with the construction specifications, technological process and quality system standards organization construction, will be injected into a brick.To take responsibility to ensure the quality of the project layer upon layer, to create high-quality residential.At present, all members of the project construction team are in place. They stick to the front line of their posts and quickly put into construction.Rongxin · City of Time will continue to follow the construction principle of high standard, high quality and high efficiency, pay close attention to the project node, ensure the project quality and timely completion of the 2022 construction targets, and realize a better life for the owners!Representatives of the construction team, owners and small owners came to the site to witness the important moment of the resumption of rongxin · City of Time project.Xinzhang Primary School will reopen in September. Rongxin · City of Time & Houxiaohe Primary School Rongxin Branch school will step into a new stage after the top closure. Ensuring progress and delivery will become the main keynote of 2022.At the same time, hou Xiaohe Primary School Rongxin Branch (public) is expected to open for the first time in September, to welcome the arrival of new students, so that the “Beicheng famous + famous” blueprint become a reality, so that the good life of high quality cash, so that your children step into famous schools, so that the development of outstanding students from the famous schools at home!Rongxin · City of Time & Houxiaohe Primary School Rongxin Branch School project once again set sail, the school will open in September with sincere sincerity and firm determination to realize the owner’s vision, day and night, walking without stop